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How to pronounce entrancing (audio)


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Dictionary definition of entrancing

Having the power to captivate, charm, or mesmerize.
"Her eyes had an entrancing quality, drawing people in with their deep and mysterious allure."


Detailed meaning of entrancing

When something is described as entrancing, it means it holds a spellbinding quality that captures the attention and interest of others. It evokes a sense of fascination, enchantment, or allure, drawing people into its spell. Whether it is a beautiful piece of art, a mesmerizing performance, or a person with an irresistible charisma, the entrancing quality leaves a lasting impression and leaves individuals spellbound. It often implies a certain level of mystery, elegance, or grace that holds an irresistible appeal. Something entrancing has the ability to transport individuals to another world, evoking emotions, and stirring the imagination. It creates an atmosphere of wonder and enthrallment, making it difficult for onlookers to look away or resist its allure.

Example sentences containing entrancing

1. The dancer's graceful movements were entrancing, captivating the entire audience.
2. The sunset over the ocean cast an entrancing display of colors, mesmerizing all who witnessed it.
3. The enchanting melody of the music had an entrancing effect, transporting listeners to a dreamlike state.
4. The garden was filled with entrancing flowers of vibrant colors, creating a truly magical atmosphere.
5. The storyteller weaved an entrancing tale, holding the listeners in rapt attention until the very end.
6. The fragrance of the blooming jasmine was entrancing, filling the air with its intoxicating scent.

History and etymology of entrancing

The adjective 'entrancing' derives its etymology from the verb 'entrance,' which in turn has roots in the Latin word 'intransire.' 'Intransire' was formed by combining 'in,' meaning 'in' or 'into,' and 'transire,' meaning 'to go' or 'to pass.' Originally, 'entrance' meant to put someone into a trance or a state of fascination. Over time, it evolved to describe the act of captivating or charming someone deeply. Therefore, 'entrancing' refers to something having the power to captivate, charm, or mesmerize, much like the effect of putting someone into a trance, where they become completely absorbed and enthralled by the captivating entity or experience.

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Further usage examples of entrancing

1. The mystical aura surrounding the ancient ruins was entrancing, igniting the imagination of all who explored them.
2. The magician's tricks were truly entrancing, leaving the audience in awe and wonder.
3. The actor's performance was entrancing, effortlessly bringing the character to life on stage.
4. The book had an entrancing storyline, keeping readers hooked from the very first page.
5. The starlit night sky was entrancing, with its countless shimmering stars creating a breathtaking view.
6. The entrancing melody of the piano filled the room, soothing our souls.
7. Her entrancing beauty left everyone in awe at the glamorous event.
8. The night sky was ablaze with entrancing stars, a celestial spectacle.
9. The book's entrancing plot kept me up all night, unable to put it down.
10. The forest was an entrancing labyrinth of ancient trees and moss-covered stones.
11. His entrancing dance moves stole the spotlight on the dance floor.
12. The vibrant colors of the sunset painted an entrancing masterpiece in the sky.
13. The aroma of freshly baked bread was utterly entrancing to the hungry travelers.
14. The underwater world revealed its entrancing secrets to the eager scuba divers.
15. The ballet performance was truly entrancing, a showcase of grace and talent.
16. The intricate design of the cathedral's stained glass windows was entrancing.
17. The entrancing aroma of blooming flowers greeted us in the garden.
18. The magician's entrancing tricks left the audience in sheer amazement.
19. The entrancing poetry of the wordsmith resonated deeply with the audience.
20. The entrancing smile on her face could brighten the gloomiest of days.
21. The film's entrancing cinematography transported us to another world.
22. The ancient ruins held an entrancing allure for history enthusiasts.
23. The fragrance of the entrancing perfume lingered in the air.
24. The hypnotic rhythm of the drums created an entrancing atmosphere.
25. The city's skyline at night was an entrancing sea of twinkling lights.



captivating, boring, repelling, uninteresting


Prefix en-, Attraction and Allure, Charm and Charisma, Art and Creativity

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