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How to pronounce seductive (audio)
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Dictionary definition of seductive

Highly alluring, captivating, or enticing, often in a sensual or persuasive manner.
"She cast a seductive glance at him, leaving him completely enchanted."

Detailed meaning of seductive

It suggests a powerful appeal that can easily captivate or influence others. Something that is seductive possesses qualities or features that arouse desire, fascination, or attraction. It may refer to physical attractiveness, charm, or charisma, but it can also encompass more abstract qualities such as ideas, concepts, or experiences that have an irresistible allure. The seductive nature of something often lies in its ability to create a sense of temptation or longing, drawing others towards it with an irresistible and enchanting pull. However, it is important to note that seductive qualities can be subjective and may have different interpretations depending on cultural and personal perspectives.

Example sentences containing seductive

1. The seductive melody of the jazz music filled the room, captivating everyone's attention.
2. The seductive fragrance of the flowers enticed passersby to stop and admire their beauty.
3. The artist's seductive brushstrokes created a mesmerizing painting that drew viewers in.
4. The advertisement featured a seductive model, designed to evoke desire and attract attention.
5. The novel had a seductive plotline that kept readers hooked until the very end.
6. The luxurious silk fabric had a seductive feel against her skin, making her feel elegant and sensual.

History and etymology of seductive

The adjective 'seductive' traces its etymological roots to the Latin word 'seducere,' which combines 'se,' meaning 'apart' or 'away,' and 'ducere,' meaning 'to lead.' In Latin, 'seducere' was used to describe the act of leading someone astray, often in a persuasive or enticing manner. Over time, this term evolved to encompass the broader notion of alluring or captivating someone through charm or temptation. As it transitioned into Old French, 'seducere' became 'seduire,' retaining its sense of allure and persuasion. Eventually, in Middle English, it transformed into 'seductive.' Thus, the etymology of 'seductive' reflects its nature as something highly alluring, captivating, or enticing, often in a sensual or persuasive manner, invoking the idea of leading someone away from their usual course of thought or action through the power of attraction.

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Further usage examples of seductive

1. The seductive flavors of the gourmet dish made it impossible to resist having another bite.
2. The seductive power of his words persuaded even the most skeptical audience members.
3. The dancer's seductive moves mesmerized the audience, leaving them in awe of her talent.
4. The seductive lighting in the nightclub created an atmosphere of mystery and allure.
5. The seductive charm of the coastal town enticed tourists from all over the world to visit its shores.
6. Her seductive smile left him spellbound.
7. The seductive aroma of fresh-baked bread filled the room.
8. The painting had a seductive allure that drew everyone in.
9. The singer's voice had a seductive quality that charmed the audience.
10. The sunset over the ocean was truly seductive.
11. The fragrance of roses in the garden was undeniably seductive.
12. She wore a seductive dress that turned heads at the party.
13. The novel had a seductive plot that kept readers engaged.
14. His seductive dance moves mesmerized the crowd.
15. The tropical beach had a seductive beauty.
16. The chocolate cake had a seductive richness.
17. The mysterious stranger had a seductive air about him.
18. The film had a seductive cinematography that captivated viewers.
19. Her eyes had a seductive glint that was hard to resist.
20. The perfume had a seductive scent that lingered in the air.
21. The city's nightlife had a seductive energy.
22. The advertisement used a seductive marketing approach.
23. His words were filled with a seductive charm.
24. The romantic setting was undeniably seductive.
25. The evening had a seductive atmosphere that sparked romance.

alluring, repulsive, unattractive, off-putting

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