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How to pronounce ephemeral (audio)

Dictionary definition of ephemeral

Having a very brief and transitory existence, emphasizing a fleeting and impermanent nature.
"The ephemeral existence of the mayfly is one of the shortest in the animal kingdom."

Detailed meaning of ephemeral

It describes objects, experiences, or phenomena that exist only for a brief period, often with a sense of fragility and impermanence. Ephemeral moments in life, for example, might include the brief beauty of a blooming flower, a passing rainbow, or the fleeting joy of a laughter-filled conversation. In the realm of art, ephemeral works may encompass temporary installations or performances that are meant to be experienced briefly and then disappear. This term emphasizes the temporary nature of things, serving as a reminder of the transient and ever-changing aspects of our world, urging us to appreciate and savor the moment before it vanishes.

Example sentences containing ephemeral

1. The beauty of a sunset is inherently ephemeral, lasting only a few moments.
2. Fame in the entertainment industry can be incredibly ephemeral.
3. The delicate bloom of a cherry blossom is a symbol of ephemeral grace.
4. Youthful exuberance often feels ephemeral in retrospect.
5. Social media posts capture ephemeral moments in our lives.
6. His joy was ephemeral, quickly replaced by disappointment.

History and etymology of ephemeral

The adjective 'ephemeral' has its etymology rooted in Greek. It is derived from the Greek word 'ephemeros,' which combines 'epi-' (meaning 'on' or 'for a short time') and 'hemera' (meaning 'day'). Therefore, 'ephemeral' etymologically signifies 'lasting for a short time' or 'existing for a brief period.' In modern usage, 'ephemeral' describes things or phenomena that have a very brief and transitory existence, emphasizing their fleeting and impermanent nature. The etymology of 'ephemeral' underscores the concept of something being akin to a passing day, highlighting its temporary and short-lived character, whether it be in the context of natural phenomena, human experiences, or artistic creations.

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Further usage examples of ephemeral

1. The art installation was intentionally ephemeral, designed to decay over time.
2. In the grand scheme of the universe, human life is truly ephemeral.
3. The fragrance of a fresh flower is wonderfully ephemeral.
4. Ephemeral rainbows appear and vanish with passing storms.
5. Ephemeral success can be a source of stress in the business world.
6. The butterfly's ephemeral beauty captivated onlookers.
7. The magic of childhood can feel ephemeral as one grows older.
8. Relationships can be as fragile and ephemeral as morning dew.
9. Ephemeral memories of laughter and love linger in our hearts.
10. Fame often brings with it the pressure to extend an ephemeral moment.
11. The artist's work explored themes of time and the ephemeral nature of existence.
12. Happiness can be found in appreciating the ephemeral joys of life.
13. The snowflake's intricate structure makes it a perfect example of the ephemeral.
14. Ephemeral dreams can still inspire lasting change in one's life.
15. The rainbow offered an ephemeral burst of color in the sky.
16. Their happiness was ephemeral, as challenges soon followed.
17. The flowers had an ephemeral beauty, wilting by the end of the day.
18. The artist's installation was meant to be ephemeral, only lasting for a short time.
19. The early morning fog was ephemeral, lifting as the sun rose.
20. The social media post gained ephemeral attention before being lost in the noise.
21. The taste of the delicious meal was ephemeral but unforgettable.
22. The ephemeral nature of life reminds us to cherish each moment.
23. The festival was an ephemeral event, filled with joy and celebration for a brief time.
24. The applause was ephemeral, dying down as the next speaker took the stage.
25. The band's ephemeral success in the 90s was followed by years of obscurity.
26. The ephemeral snowfall quickly melted away as the temperature rose.
27. Her ephemeral dream slipped away as she fully woke up.
28. The shimmering mirage in the desert was ephemeral and vanished as they approached.
29. Ephemeral streams flow only immediately after rainfall, drying up soon after.



fleeting, permanent, enduring, lasting


GRE 7 (Graduate Record Examination), Decay and Degeneration, Duration and Transience, Time and Chronology

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