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How to pronounce transient (audio)

Dictionary definition of transient

Temporary, passing, or brief in nature, often with a sense of impermanence and ephemerality.
"The transient nature of the job made it difficult for him to settle down."

Detailed meaning of transient

When we use the term "transient," we are referring to things that exist or occur for only a short period, without lasting or leaving a lasting impact. Transient experiences may include fleeting emotions, momentary sensations, or temporary residents in a place. This word underscores the idea that some aspects of life are transient, reminding us of the ever-changing nature of our existence and the need to appreciate moments as they come and go. It can also be applied to objects or individuals that are only temporarily present in a certain context or location, emphasizing their transitory status in that particular setting.

Example sentences containing transient

1. The beauty of a sunset is transient, lasting only a few minutes.
2. A transient feeling of nostalgia washed over her as she passed her childhood home.
3. Life's challenges are often transient, giving way to brighter days.
4. The artist captured the transient moment in a fleeting brushstroke.
5. Relationships can be both profound and transient, teaching us valuable lessons.
6. The transient nature of happiness makes it all the more precious.

History and etymology of transient

The adjective 'transient' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'transire,' which combines 'trans-' (meaning 'across' or 'beyond') and 'ire' (meaning 'to go'). Therefore, 'transient' etymologically signifies something that is 'going across' or 'passing through.' In modern usage, 'transient' describes things that are temporary, passing, or brief in nature, often with a sense of impermanence and ephemerality. It emphasizes the idea of things moving through a particular state or place for a limited time before moving on. The etymology of 'transient' underscores the concept of passing through or being in a state of transition, highlighting its role in describing elements of life that are momentary and fleeting.

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Further usage examples of transient

1. The transient rainstorm left behind a refreshing scent in the air.
2. We must cherish the transient moments of joy in our lives.
3. The transient colors of autumn leaves soon gave way to winter's arrival.
4. In the desert, water sources can be transient, appearing after rainfalls.
5. The transient flicker of a firefly's light mesmerized us.
6. She found solace in the transient tranquility of a mountain retreat.
7. The transient nature of fame can be a heavy burden to bear.
8. The transient warmth of a hug can convey deep emotions.
9. Memories of that transient summer still bring a smile to my face.
10. The transient nature of childhood makes it a precious stage of life.
11. The transient nature of dreams can inspire us to seize the day.
12. The transient buzz of a bee in the garden added to its charm.
13. Emotions are often transient, evolving with time and experience.
14. The transient joy of a surprise party was etched in their hearts forever.
15. The transient population in the city increased during the summer months.
16. The hotel caters to transient guests who are passing through the area.
17. The artist's fame was transient and short-lived.
18. Transient workers often face challenges finding stable housing.
19. The transient sensation passed quickly and she felt fine again.
20. Transient electronic devices have become increasingly popular in recent years.
21. She was tired of transient relationships with philanderers and lotharios.
22. The transient population in the area was surveyed to gather information about homelessness.
23. Transient ischemia is a temporary decrease in blood flow to the brain.
24. The transient nature of the phenomenon made it difficult to study.
25. The transient lifestyle of a traveler is not for everyone.
26. The transient weather patterns made it hard to predict what to wear each day.



fleeting, permanent, enduring, lasting


Prefix trans-, Deterioration and Decline, Duration and Transience, Time and Chronology

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