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How to pronounce impermanent (audio)

Dictionary definition of impermanent

Temporary, transitory, or not lasting indefinitely.
"The beauty of a sunset is fleeting and impermanent, reminding us to cherish the moment."

Detailed meaning of impermanent

It suggests a state or condition that is subject to change, decay, or eventual disappearance. When something is described as impermanent, it implies that it is not permanent or enduring, but rather characterized by its temporary nature. This can refer to physical objects, situations, emotions, or even abstract concepts. Impermanent things are in a constant state of flux, transitioning from one state to another over time. The concept of impermanence is often associated with the impermanence of life itself, highlighting the notion that everything is in a state of continuous change and nothing lasts forever. Recognizing the impermanence of things can lead to an appreciation of the present moment and a deeper understanding of the transient nature of existence.

Example sentences containing impermanent

1. The artist created impermanent sculptures using sand, knowing they would eventually be washed away by the tide.
2. The impermanent nature of fame made the celebrity appreciate the value of genuine connections.
3. Relationships can be impermanent if not nurtured and cared for.
4. The impermanent decorations were easily removable, allowing for versatile room designs.
5. The company implemented impermanent changes to their policies to test their effectiveness.
6. The impermanent nature of youth urged the poet to seize every opportunity for adventure.

History and etymology of impermanent

The adjective 'impermanent' is formed by combining the prefix 'im-' (meaning 'not' or 'without') with the word 'permanent.' 'Permanent' originates from the Latin word 'permanens,' which is the present participle of 'permanere,' combining 'per' (meaning 'through') and 'manere' (meaning 'to remain' or 'to stay'). In Latin, 'permanere' described the act of remaining or staying through a duration of time. By adding 'im-' to 'permanent,' we create the opposite meaning, indicating something that is not enduring or lasting indefinitely, but rather temporary or transitory. The etymology of 'impermanent' underscores its contrast with 'permanent' and emphasizes its role in describing things that do not remain in a fixed state but change or come to an end over time, highlighting their temporary nature.

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Further usage examples of impermanent

1. Impermanent tattoos are a popular choice for those who want temporary body art.
2. The impermanent snowflakes melted as soon as they touched the warm ground.
3. The impermanent joy of material possessions often fades quickly.
4. The traveler embraced an impermanent lifestyle, constantly moving from place to place.
5. Impermanent emotions can be fleeting and may change with time.
6. Impermanent markers are great for temporary labeling or writing on non-permanent surfaces.
7. The company's impermanent employees were hired to cover seasonal demands.
8. The impermanent nature of the exhibit made it all the more special for those who witnessed it.
9. The impermanent nature of happiness encouraged him to seek contentment within himself.
10. The impermanent nature of trends in fashion led her to focus on timeless style.
11. The impermanent rainbows appeared and vanished with each passing storm.
12. Impermanent contracts offered flexibility but also uncertainty in employment.
13. The impermanent nature of digital files necessitated regular backups to prevent data loss.
14. Life is an impermanent journey, filled with moments that come and go.
15. The beauty of a sunset is in its impermanent, fleeting colors.
16. Impermanent feelings can change with time and experience.
17. This temporary setback is just an impermanent obstacle in your path.
18. Impermanent happiness often depends on external factors.
19. Relationships can be impermanent, but they teach us valuable lessons.
20. Impermanent art installations transform spaces for a short time.
21. The impermanent nature of youth reminds us to cherish every moment.
22. Impermanent changes in weather can be unpredictable.
23. Impermanent trends come and go in the world of fashion.
24. Impermanent moments of stillness can bring inner peace.



transient, permanent, everlasting, enduring


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