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How to pronounce equilibrium (audio)


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Dictionary definition of equilibrium

A state of balance, stability, or harmony in a system or situation where opposing forces, factors, or elements are in perfect, offsetting alignment.
"The equilibrium of the ecosystem is fragile and can be easily disrupted."


Detailed meaning of equilibrium

In the physical sciences, such as physics and chemistry, equilibrium occurs when the forces acting on an object or the rates of opposing reactions are equal, resulting in a state of rest or constant motion. In economics, equilibrium describes a state where the supply of goods or services equals the demand, resulting in price stability. Additionally, in biology, ecological equilibrium represents a balanced state within an ecosystem where populations of different species coexist without drastic fluctuations. Overall, the concept of equilibrium is pivotal in understanding the behavior of complex systems, ensuring that they remain stable and functional.

Example sentences containing equilibrium

1. The market reached an equilibrium where the supply of goods matched the demand.
2. When he mixed the two solutions, they reacted until they reached a chemical equilibrium.
3. The gymnast maintained perfect equilibrium on the balance beam.
4. The government intervened to restore economic equilibrium after the financial crisis.
5. In physics, equilibrium is the state in which all forces acting on an object are balanced.
6. The ecosystem maintained its equilibrium for many years before invasive species disrupted the balance.

History and etymology of equilibrium

The noun 'equilibrium' originates from the Latin words 'aequus,' meaning 'equal,' and 'libra,' meaning 'balance' or 'scales.' It entered the English language in the late 17th century. 'Equilibrium' refers to a state of balance, stability, or harmony in a system or situation where opposing forces, factors, or elements are in perfect, offsetting alignment. Its etymology effectively conveys the concept of equality and balance, emphasizing the idea that in an equilibrium state, the scales are evenly poised. Whether it pertains to physical forces, chemical reactions, economic markets, or even personal well-being, 'equilibrium' denotes a condition where opposing influences are in equilibrium, resulting in a state of equilibrium that is both stable and harmonious.

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Further usage examples of equilibrium

1. His sudden movement threw off the boat’s equilibrium, causing it to rock violently.
2. The medication helped her restore her emotional equilibrium after a period of stress.
3. In the graph, the point of equilibrium is where the supply and demand curves intersect.
4. The acrobat’s incredible sense of equilibrium allowed him to perform high-wire acts with ease.
5. When a body is in thermal equilibrium, there is no net flow of heat between it and its surroundings.
6. The coach taught the players exercises to improve their equilibrium and coordination on the field.
7. The spinning top remained in equilibrium for a surprisingly long time before toppling over.
8. The country's political equilibrium was threatened by the emergence of radical movements.
9. She practiced yoga to achieve a sense of equilibrium between her mind and body.
10. Finding equilibrium in life often requires balancing work and personal time.
11. The tightrope walker maintained perfect equilibrium on the thin wire.
12. The stock market strives for economic equilibrium despite fluctuations.
13. In yoga, achieving mental and physical equilibrium is the goal.
14. Conservation efforts aim to restore the equilibrium of fragile ecosystems.
15. The world strives for a global equilibrium of peace and prosperity.
16. The tightrope walker's focus was essential for maintaining equilibrium.
17. Economic policies are designed to promote financial equilibrium.
18. The athlete's training regimen aimed for peak physical equilibrium.
19. Nature seeks equilibrium through the constant interplay of forces.
20. In chemistry, reactions seek a stable equilibrium state.
21. Achieving work-life equilibrium is a common modern challenge.
22. Meditation can help restore mental and emotional equilibrium.
23. The pendulum reached a state of perfect equilibrium, hanging still.



balance, imbalance, instability, disequilibrium


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