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How to pronounce ethereal (audio)

Dictionary definition of ethereal

Light, airy, and delicate in a way that suggests it is not of this world.
"The ethereal mist that enveloped the forest made it feel like a fairy tale."

Detailed meaning of ethereal

It can also refer to something that is otherworldly, spiritual or celestial, and that has a quality of being beyond the physical realm. The word "ethereal" comes from the Greek word "aither" which means "upper air" or "pure, unblocked sky."

In art, literature, and popular culture, ethereal is often used to describe something that is beautiful, delicate, and otherworldly. It is used to describe music, poetry, and visual art that has a quality of being transcendent and otherworldly. Ethereal is also used to describe natural phenomena such as sunsets, auroras, and cloud formations that have an otherworldly beauty.

In a more general sense, the word ethereal can refer to anything that is light, airy, and delicate, such as ethereal fabrics, ethereal scents, and ethereal flavors. It can also refer to something that is spiritual, otherworldly, or other-dimensional, such as ethereal beings, ethereal landscapes, and ethereal experiences.

Example sentences containing ethereal

1. The ethereal beauty of the northern lights left everyone in awe.
2. The dancer's ethereal movements made it seem like she was floating across the stage.
3. The fabric was so light and delicate that it had an ethereal quality.
4. The ethereal sound of the harp created a magical atmosphere in the room.
5. Her ethereal voice resonated throughout the hall, captivating the audience.
6. The ethereal glow of the moonlight filtering through the trees created a mystical setting.

History and etymology of ethereal

The adjective 'ethereal' has its etymological origins in the Greek word 'aither,' which referred to the upper, purer air that the ancient Greeks believed the gods breathed. 'Ethereal' describes something that is light, airy, and delicate in a way that suggests it is not of this world, but rather belongs to a realm beyond the earthly. The term embodies the concept of otherworldly beauty and grace, often associated with qualities that transcend the ordinary and mundane. 'Ethereal' is a word that is frequently used to describe celestial phenomena, art, or individuals who possess a certain otherworldly quality, emphasizing the sense of enchantment and wonder that such things can evoke. It reflects the human capacity to be captivated by the mysterious and the sublime, appreciating the beauty that seems to exist beyond the limits of the earthly realm.

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Further usage examples of ethereal

1. The painting depicted an ethereal landscape, with misty mountains and floating clouds.
2. The scent of the flower was so subtle and ethereal that it was almost imperceptible.
3. Her ethereal presence in the film added an element of fantasy and enchantment.
4. The ethereal whispers in the wind seemed to tell ancient stories.
5. The ballet performance was ethereal, with the dancers moving like wraiths in the dim light.
6. He composed ethereal music that transported listeners to another world.
7. The poem captured the ethereal beauty of the dawn with its vivid imagery.
8. The ethereal lights of the fireflies illuminated the garden at night.
9. The designer's collection was ethereal, featuring flowing fabrics and pastel colors.
10. The ethereal beauty of the sunrise took my breath away.
11. She wore an ethereal gown that shimmered like moonlight.
12. The music had an ethereal quality, transporting us to another realm.
13. The forest was filled with an ethereal glow as the fireflies danced.
14. Her voice had an ethereal quality, like an angel singing.
15. The snowfall created an ethereal landscape, pure and untouched.
16. The ballet dancer moved with ethereal grace across the stage.
17. In the moonlight, the castle looked ethereal, like a fairytale.
18. The aurora borealis painted an ethereal masterpiece in the night sky.
19. The mist on the lake gave it an ethereal, mystical quality.
20. The fragrance of the flowers was ethereal, like a dream.
21. The cathedral's stained glass windows cast an ethereal light.
22. Her laughter had an ethereal, tinkling quality.
23. The painting depicted an ethereal world of fantasy and wonder.
24. The dragonfly's flight was so ethereal, it seemed almost magical.



otherworldly, heavy, solid, substantial


High School 17, SAT 8 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Aesthetic and Appearance

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