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How to pronounce dainty (audio)


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Dictionary definition of dainty

Delicate, small, and often characterized by a sense of refinement and elegance.
"The restaurant served dainty appetizers before the main course."

Detailed meaning of dainty

When something is referred to as dainty, it typically conveys a sense of delicacy or fragility, whether it's related to appearance, taste, or mannerisms. For example, dainty jewelry might consist of small, intricately designed pieces, and a dainty dessert could be a small, beautifully presented treat with delicate flavors. Additionally, "dainty" can also describe someone's refined or graceful behavior and actions, emphasizing their careful and considerate demeanor. This term underscores the idea of something being delicate and charming, often with an element of grace and sophistication.

Example sentences containing dainty

1. The little girl wore a dainty dress for the special occasion.
2. The pastry chef created a plate of dainty desserts for the party.
3. She had a collection of dainty teacups displayed in her china cabinet.
4. The ballerina moved with dainty grace across the stage.
5. The table was set with dainty silverware and delicate china plates.
6. The bride wore a dainty tiara in her hair.

History and etymology of dainty

The adjective 'dainty' has its etymological roots in the Old French word 'dain,' which meant 'worthy' or 'elegant.' Over time, it evolved to describe something delicate, small, and often characterized by a sense of refinement and elegance. 'Dainty' embodies the concept of exquisite taste and sophistication, often associated with fine, delicate, or intricately crafted items. It can refer to both objects and behaviors that are characterized by their refinement and precision. 'Dainty' is a word that reflects the human capacity for appreciating and valuing the finer things in life, emphasizing the allure of elegance and grace in various aspects of culture, aesthetics, and behavior.

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Further usage examples of dainty

1. The flowers in the garden were small and dainty, adding a touch of elegance.
2. The delicate lacework on her dress added a dainty touch to the overall design.
3. The baby had dainty little fingers and toes.
4. The jewelry store displayed a range of dainty necklaces and bracelets.
5. The fairies in the story had dainty wings and shimmering gowns.
6. The dainty porcelain figurines on the shelf were carefully crafted.
7. The vintage shop sold dainty gloves and hats from the 1920s.
8. The restaurant served dainty appetizers that were almost too beautiful to eat.
9. The ballerina wore dainty ballet slippers as she danced across the stage.
10. The dainty flowers in the bouquet were a mix of pastel colors.
11. The princess wore a dainty crown on her head.
12. The antique shop sold dainty tea sets from different eras.
13. The delicate lace curtains added a dainty touch to the room.
14. The little girl held a dainty umbrella to protect herself from the rain.



delicate, clumsy, coarse, robust


High School 18, TOEFL 12, Aesthetic and Appearance

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