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How to pronounce evade (audio)


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Dictionary definition of evade

To skillfully avoid or escape from something, often by using cunning or clever strategies.
"She tried to evade his questions by changing the topic every time he got close to the truth."

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Detailed meaning of evade

It implies a deliberate attempt to elude or dodge a particular situation, responsibility, or person. When someone evades, they actively seek ways to sidestep or bypass obstacles, challenges, or even legal consequences. This verb can be applied to various scenarios, such as evading capture or detection by authorities, evading difficult questions or topics in a conversation, or evading a moral or ethical duty. Evading requires quick thinking, adaptability, and a willingness to outsmart or outmaneuver others to maintain one's advantage or freedom. However, while evasion can provide temporary relief, it often carries negative connotations and can lead to further complications or consequences if discovered.

Example sentences containing evade

1. Don't evade the question; give me a straight answer.
2. The deer was able to evade the hunter by darting into the forest.
3. She tends to evade responsibilities that she finds uninteresting.
4. If you try to evade taxes, you could face serious legal penalties.
5. The thief managed to evade the police by hiding in the crowd.
6. He attempted to evade the topic by changing the subject.

History and etymology of evade

The verb 'evade' traces its etymological origins to the Latin language. It is derived from the Latin word 'evadere,' which is a combination of 'e,' meaning 'out of,' and 'vadere,' meaning 'to go' or 'to walk.' Thus, 'evade' originally denoted the act of 'going out of' or 'escaping from' a situation or place. Over time, this Latin term evolved in meaning and found its way into the English language, where it came to signify the skillful and often cunning act of avoiding or escaping from something, whether it be a responsibility, danger, or a pursuer. 'Evade' carries with it the sense of using clever strategies or maneuvers to elude or sidestep a situation, reflecting its historical connection to the notion of escaping or getting away from something.

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Further usage examples of evade

1. You can't evade the consequences of your actions forever.
2. The running back was able to evade the opposing team's defenders.
3. It's better to face your fears than to constantly try to evade them.
4. The suspect is trying to evade arrest by fleeing the city.
5. She's been trying to evade her student loan debt for years.
6. Don't evade the issue; we need to discuss it.
7. To evade the rules is to show a lack of respect for the community.
8. The driver managed to evade the traffic jam by taking a back road.
9. She found it difficult to evade her boss's constant scrutiny.
10. In order to evade capture, the fugitive altered his appearance.
11. We can't evade the truth any longer; it's time to face it.
12. He was trying to evade the security cameras by sticking to the shadows.
13. The fighter pilot was trained to evade enemy radar.
14. If you evade answering now, you'll only prolong the inevitable.



dodge, confront, face, encounter


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