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How to pronounce elude (audio)


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Dictionary definition of elude

To evade, escape, or avoid something or someone skillfully or cunningly.
"The answer to the riddle continued to elude the participants, leaving them perplexed."


Detailed meaning of elude

It involves managing to stay out of reach, understanding, or comprehension. When something eludes a person, it means they are unable to grasp or comprehend it, either because it is too elusive, complex, or difficult to understand. It can also imply the act of evading capture, detection, or finding a solution. "Elude" often suggests a sense of elusiveness or slipperiness, making it challenging to pin down or achieve. It is frequently used in contexts where someone tries to outsmart or outmaneuver others, whether it be in a physical pursuit, a mental challenge, or the pursuit of understanding. The verb "elude" conveys the idea of something just beyond one's grasp or comprehension, creating a sense of intrigue, frustration, or mystery.

Example sentences containing elude

1. The truth continues to elude me.
2. Happiness seems to elude him at every turn.
3. The answer eludes us, despite our efforts.
4. Success eludes those who give up easily.
5. The elusive butterfly effortlessly eludes capture.
6. The thief managed to elude the police for weeks.

History and etymology of elude

The verb 'elude' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'eludere,' which is a combination of 'e,' meaning 'out,' and 'ludere,' meaning 'to play.' In its original Latin form, 'eludere' conveyed the idea of playfully avoiding or evading something, often with a sense of skill or cunning. Over time, the term evolved to describe the act of escaping or avoiding something or someone skillfully or artfully, often with an element of evasion or trickery involved. In English, 'elude' continues to carry this connotation, signifying the ability to escape or evade capture, understanding, or detection through clever or elusive tactics, emphasizing the skillful aspect of avoiding something or someone.

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Further usage examples of elude

1. The secret to her beauty still eludes everyone.
2. Understanding the concept of infinity can elude even the brightest minds.
3. The perfect solution continues to elude us.
4. Time and time again, victory eludes the underdog.
5. The true meaning of life can elude us if we don't search for it.
6. The fugitive skillfully eludes capture in the dense forest.
7. The final piece of the puzzle eludes the detective.
8. The feeling of contentment often eludes those who chase material wealth.
9. The key to success eludes many, but perseverance can unlock it.
10. Wisdom may elude us, but the pursuit of knowledge is worthwhile.
11. Peaceful sleep eludes those plagued by anxiety.
12. The elusive charm of the old town continues to elude tourists.
13. Despite his best efforts, the desired outcome eludes him.
14. The ghostly figure seems to elude the photographer's lens.



evade, confront, face, encounter


Problems and Conundrums, Middle School 2, Deception and Trickery

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