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How to pronounce examination (audio)


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Dictionary definition of examination

A formal assessment or evaluation of knowledge, skills, or understanding in a particular subject or field.
"The bar examination is a prerequisite for becoming a licensed attorney."


Detailed meaning of examination

It entails a systematic and thorough inquiry, inspection, or testing process to gauge an individual's proficiency or aptitude. Examinations are commonly used in educational settings, such as schools and universities, to measure students' comprehension and mastery of academic material. They can take various forms, including written tests, practical assessments, oral examinations, or a combination of these. Additionally, examinations may be administered in professional contexts, such as licensing exams or certification assessments, to ensure competence and adherence to established standards. The purpose of an examination is to determine the level of knowledge, identify areas of strength or weakness, and provide a basis for evaluation, grading, or decision-making. It serves as a tool for measuring progress, validating learning outcomes, and guiding further development or advancement in a particular domain.

Example sentences containing examination

1. The final examination will cover all the topics studied throughout the semester.
2. She prepared for the job interview by practicing mock examinations.
3. The medical examination revealed no signs of illness or abnormalities.
4. He felt nervous before the examination, hoping to perform well.
5. The professor handed out the examination papers to the students.
6. The comprehensive examination required students to demonstrate their understanding of complex theories.

History and etymology of examination

The noun 'examination' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'examinatio,' which is derived from 'examinare.' In Latin, 'examinare' means 'to weigh' or 'to balance,' and it is related to 'examen,' which translates to 'a means of weighing' or 'a balance.' This etymology illustrates the idea of assessing and evaluating something meticulously, akin to the process of weighing objects on a balance scale. Over time, 'examination' evolved to refer to the formal assessment or evaluation of knowledge, skills, or understanding in various subjects or fields, maintaining its underlying concept of a thorough and careful scrutiny, as one would in the act of weighing.

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Further usage examples of examination

1. The examination room was quiet as everyone focused on answering the questions.
2. She received a high score on the examination, reflecting her dedication to studying.
3. The examination results will be released next week.
4. The students discussed their answers after the examination to compare their approaches.
5. The forensic examination of the evidence played a crucial role in solving the crime.
6. The final examination will cover all the topics we've studied this semester.
7. His performance in the mathematics examination exceeded expectations.
8. The medical examination revealed no signs of illness.
9. She spent hours preparing for the important examination tomorrow.
10. The examination results will determine your eligibility for the scholarship.
11. Taking a practice examination can help alleviate test anxiety.
12. The examination committee reviewed the candidate's qualifications.
13. He faced the challenging examination with confidence.
14. Cheating during an examination is a breach of academic integrity.
15. The comprehensive examination assessed their knowledge thoroughly.
16. The entrance examination for the university is notoriously difficult.
17. The examination process involves both written and oral components.
18. The examination room was filled with nervous students.
19. The forensic examination of the evidence was meticulous.
20. Passing the bar examination is a requirement for becoming a lawyer.
21. The thorough examination of the crime scene yielded crucial clues.
22. The annual examination schedule can be quite stressful.
23. Her dedication to her studies paid off in the final examination.
24. The examination board decided to revise the grading criteria.
25. The examination of the patient's X-rays revealed a fracture.



test, neglect, ignorance, overlook


Analytical and Interpretive, Convoluted and Cryptic, Diligence and Thoroughness, Pinnacle and Perfection, Education and Mastery

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