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How to pronounce excision (audio)


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Dictionary definition of excision

The act or process of removing or cutting out a specific part or portion from something larger.
"The editor made an excision in the manuscript to improve the pacing."


Detailed meaning of excision

It commonly applies to medical procedures where a surgeon surgically removes a diseased or abnormal tissue, organ, or growth from the body. Excision is often employed in the context of tumor removal, cyst extraction, or the excision of moles or lesions. The procedure involves precision and careful incisions to ensure complete removal while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Excision can also extend beyond the medical realm, encompassing various fields such as biology, linguistics, and archaeology, where the deliberate removal or extraction of specific elements or components is necessary for analysis, study, or further investigation. Overall, excision represents an intentional and targeted removal, aiming to eliminate problematic or unwanted elements while preserving the overall integrity or functionality of the larger entity.

Example sentences containing excision

1. The doctor performed an excision of the suspicious mole.
2. The excision of that scene made the movie less violent.
3. They recommended the excision of certain clauses in the contract.
4. The excision of the tumor was successful.
5. The excision from the text left an important detail missing.
6. The surgeon's precise excision resulted in minimal scarring.

History and etymology of excision

The noun 'excision' has its origins in the Latin word 'excisio,' which is derived from the verb 'excidere.' In Latin, 'ex' means 'out' or 'away from,' and 'cidere' means 'to cut' or 'to remove.' This etymology underscores the idea of cutting out or removing something from a larger whole. When we refer to 'excision,' we are describing the act or process of cutting out or removing a specific part or portion from something larger, just as the Latin roots suggest. This connection between the etymology and the modern meaning of the term illustrates how language often preserves the fundamental concepts of words over time, in this case, the concept of removal or cutting out.

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Further usage examples of excision

1. The excision of those pages made the book considerably shorter.
2. The patient is recovering well after the excision of the cyst.
3. The council voted in favor of the excision of outdated laws.
4. The excision of the tree branch prevented it from falling on the house.
5. The excision of the cancerous tissue saved the patient’s life.
6. The article went through a series of excisions before publication.
7. The author disagreed with the editor’s excision of her favorite character.
8. She read the document carefully, suggesting excisions and additions.
9. The excision of the appendix eliminated the risk of appendicitis.
10. The sculptor’s excision of a piece of marble revealed the statue inside.
11. The excision of the infected area stopped the spread of the disease.
12. His expert excision of the damaged component fixed the machine.
13. The committee suggested the excision of redundant sections in the report.
14. The surgeon performed an excision to remove the tumor.
15. The excision of the damaged wire fixed the electrical issue.
16. Excision of the paragraph improved the essay's clarity.
17. The excision of a key scene altered the movie's storyline.
18. The excision of toxic plants from the garden made it safer.
19. Precision is crucial during a skin excision procedure.
20. The excision of that chapter improved the novel's flow.
21. The excision of excess code optimized the software.
22. An excision in the painting created a striking contrast.
23. The excision of a faulty gene can prevent hereditary diseases.
24. Excision of the old carpet revealed beautiful hardwood floors.



removal, addition, insertion, inclusion


Suffix -sion, Decline and Disintegrate, Elimination and Suspension, Reduce and Weaken

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