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How to pronounce expunge (audio)

Dictionary definition of expunge

To completely erase, eliminate, or obliterate something, typically from a record, document, or memory.
"He sought to expunge the painful memories of his past by focusing on personal growth."

Detailed meaning of expunge

When we expunge something, we are intentionally removing it in a way that leaves no trace or evidence of its prior existence. This term is often used in legal contexts, where a criminal record, for example, might be expunged to give an individual a fresh start without any mention of their past offenses. "Expunge" conveys a sense of thoroughness and finality, as if the thing being removed never existed in the first place. It is a powerful term that implies the complete eradication or annihilation of something from the record or from memory.

Example sentences containing expunge

1. The lawyer managed to expunge all evidence against her client, leading to his acquittal.
2. The organization made a decision to expunge any mention of the controversial figure from its records.
3. The artist decided to expunge the failed artwork from her portfolio.
4. The committee voted to expunge the outdated policy from the rulebook.
5. The company had to expunge the faulty product from the market due to safety concerns.
6. The professor asked the students to expunge any irrelevant information from their research papers.

History and etymology of expunge

The verb 'expunge' has a Latin origin. It comes from the Latin word 'expungere,' which is a combination of 'ex,' meaning 'out,' and 'pungere,' meaning 'to prick' or 'to puncture.' Therefore, the etymology of 'expunge' conveys the idea of puncturing or striking something out, effectively removing it. In English, it is used to describe the action of completely erasing, eliminating, or obliterating something, typically from a record, document, or memory. The term 'expunge' emphasizes the thorough and forceful nature of the removal, as if one is puncturing or striking out the undesired element to ensure it is gone completely and irreversibly.

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Further usage examples of expunge

1. She made a conscious effort to expunge negative thoughts from her mind and embrace positivity.
2. The judge ordered the court to expunge the false testimony from the trial transcript.
3. The team captain apologized and promised to expunge any offensive remarks made during the match.
4. The politician faced backlash for attempting to expunge certain historical events from public records.
5. The therapist helped her client expunge deep-seated trauma through therapy sessions.
6. The editorial team had to expunge some sensitive content from the article before publishing it.
7. The board of directors decided to expunge the underperforming projects from the company's portfolio.
8. The coach emphasized the need to expunge negative habits and develop a winning mindset.
9. The organization's goal was to expunge poverty and create opportunities for all.
10. The committee unanimously voted to expunge the controversial clause from the proposed policy.
11. The software developer was tasked with creating a tool to expunge duplicate entries from the database.
12. The government faced criticism for its attempt to expunge certain historical records from public archives.
13. The author had to expunge several paragraphs from the manuscript to improve the flow of the story.
14. The court ordered to expunge his criminal record after his rehabilitation.
15. She wanted to expunge the painful memories from her mind.
16. The computer virus threatened to expunge all our data.
17. We need to expunge the outdated policies from our handbook.
18. The detective worked tirelessly to expunge all traces of the crime.
19. The artist tried to expunge the mistake from the canvas.
20. He hoped to expunge his regretful words with a heartfelt apology.
21. The law allows you to expunge certain minor offenses.
22. She sought therapy to help expunge her traumatic experiences.
23. We must expunge discrimination from our society for true equality.
24. The mission was to expunge corruption from the government.



delete, retain, record, preserve


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