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How to pronounce annul (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'annul'

To declare something as null and void, effectively canceling or invalidating it as if it never existed or had any legal or binding effect.
"The court ruled to annul the contract due to a breach of terms."

Detailed meaning of 'annul'

When something is 'annulled,' it is treated as though it never occurred or had any legal significance from the outset. This action is often taken by a higher authority, such as a court or governing body, to reverse or negate a previously established contract, marriage, law, or decision. 'Annul' is typically used in situations where there are legal grounds for declaring an agreement or arrangement as invalid, such as in the case of a fraudulent contract or a marriage that did not meet the legal requirements. It is a formal and legally binding action that renders the subject matter in question null and void, erasing its legal or contractual consequences.

History and etymology of 'annul'

The verb 'annul' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'annullare,' which is a combination of 'ad' meaning 'to' or 'towards,' and 'nullus' meaning 'none' or 'not any.' In Latin, 'annullare' meant to make something as if it had never existed or to render it null and void. This concept of complete cancellation and invalidation has persisted through the evolution of the term. Over time, 'annul' found its way into English, retaining its fundamental meaning of canceling or invalidating something, such as a contract, marriage, or legal agreement, to the extent that it is treated as though it never had any legal or binding effect. Thus, the etymology of 'annul' reflects the idea of negating and eliminating the existence or impact of something.

Example sentences containing 'annul'

1. The new evidence may be enough to annul the previous decision.
2. The board of directors decided to annul the merger agreement.
3. The judge granted the request to annul the restraining order.
4. The arbitration process aims to annul the unfair arbitration clause.
5. The contract breach could potentially lead to its annulment.
6. The parties involved agreed to mutually annul the partnership.
7. The court's ruling could annul the defendant's conviction.
8. The legal team is preparing the case to annul the patent.
9. The financial irregularities could result in the annulment of the contract.
10. The divorce proceedings aim to annul the marriage.
11. The judge has the authority to annul the will if it's proven to be invalid.
12. The party involved requested to annul the lease agreement.
13. The discovery of fraud may lead to the annulment of the transaction.
14. The judge's decision could potentially annul the contract and render it void.
15. The court had to annul the fraudulent contract to protect the parties involved.
16. They sought to annul the marriage due to misrepresentation of vital information.
17. The decision to annul the treaty caused significant diplomatic tensions between nations.
18. The judge had to annul the improperly executed will to ensure a fair distribution of assets.
19. The company decided to annul the problematic contract after discovering hidden clauses.
20. Legal action was taken to annul the fraudulent transaction that had harmed innocent investors.
21. The court ruled to annul the unjust verdict, leading to a new trial.
22. The board voted unanimously to annul the outdated policy that no longer served its purpose.
23. They moved to annul the lease agreement due to violations by the tenant.
24. Annulment of the fraudulent trademark registration was necessary to protect intellectual property rights.
25. The court decided to annul the unfair arbitration award, requiring a reevaluation of the dispute.
26. They agreed to annul the unauthorized purchase, acknowledging the error.
27. The parties involved decided to amicably annul the partnership agreement to pursue separate ventures.
28. Legal proceedings were initiated to annul the defective patent, as it did not meet the necessary criteria.
29. The decision to annul the merger had significant financial and operational consequences for both companies.



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