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How to pronounce exultation (audio)

Dictionary definition of exultation

A feeling of great happiness or joy that comes after a victory, achievement, or success.
"She felt a sense of exultation as she crossed the finish line."

Detailed meaning of exultation

It can be described as an intense feeling of jubilation and elation. It is often accompanied by a sense of pride and satisfaction in one's accomplishments or in the accomplishments of others. Exultation is a natural human emotion that can be experienced in many different contexts, such as after a difficult exam, a promotion at work, or winning a sports competition. It is a positive and powerful feeling that can uplift one's spirits and provide motivation to continue pursuing success.

Example sentences containing exultation

1. The exultation in her eyes was undeniable as she held the trophy aloft.
2. His exultation at winning the lottery was beyond words.
3. The exultation of the crowd filled the stadium when their team scored a goal.
4. The exultation of a successful surprise party was evident on her face.
5. Exultation surged through her veins as she crossed the finish line first.
6. The exultation of completing a challenging puzzle was a satisfying feeling.

History and etymology of exultation

The noun 'exultation' derives from Latin and Middle English origins. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'exultare,' which means 'to leap up' or 'to rejoice greatly.' This Latin term combines 'ex-' (meaning 'out') and 'saltare' (meaning 'to leap or jump'), conveying the idea of a joyous and exuberant celebration that may involve leaping with happiness. As the English language evolved, 'exultation' emerged in Middle English as a term for the intense feeling of great happiness or jubilation that arises from triumph, victory, or any significant achievement. It captures the exuberant and uplifting emotions associated with success, making it a fitting word to describe the elation that follows moments of accomplishment or conquest.

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Further usage examples of exultation

1. He couldn't contain his exultation when he aced the difficult exam.
2. The exultation of a beautiful sunrise took his breath away.
3. Their exultation was palpable as they celebrated their engagement.
4. Exultation washed over him as he finally achieved his lifelong dream.
5. The exultation of a heartfelt apology melted her anger away.
6. Exultation filled the room when they announced the birth of a healthy baby.
7. The exultation of a well-deserved promotion left him on cloud nine.
8. Her exultation knew no bounds when she discovered her lost childhood diary.
9. The exultation of a successful surprise party was contagious.
10. Exultation in her voice, she shared the news of her scholarship acceptance.
11. The exultation of a game-winning touchdown echoed through the stadium.
12. Their exultation turned into heartfelt tears of joy at the reunion.
13. Exultation coursed through his veins as he held his newborn son for the first time.
14. The exultation of their wedding day was etched in their hearts forever.
15. Exultation overcame her as she overcame her fear of public speaking.
16. The exultation of a long-awaited reunion with a beloved pet was heartwarming.
17. He felt a surge of exultation when he finally finished writing his novel.
18. The exultation of a successful surprise proposal left her in tears of happiness.
19. Exultation filled the air as they watched the fireworks light up the night sky.



joy, sorrow, despair, sadness


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