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How to pronounce jubilation (audio)


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Dictionary definition of jubilation

An exuberant and joyful celebration or expression of happiness, typically in response to a significant achievement, event, or occasion.
"Her wedding day was filled with joy and jubilation."

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Detailed meaning of jubilation

When people experience jubilation, it is a powerful and enthusiastic response to something that brings them immense delight and satisfaction. This term can apply to various contexts, such as the jubilation of a sports team and its fans after winning a championship, the jubilation of a couple and their loved ones at a wedding, or the jubilation of a nation during a historic moment of victory or freedom. "Jubilation" underscores the idea of unbridled happiness, often accompanied by cheering, laughter, and a sense of communal joy that reflects the

Example sentences containing jubilation

1. The crowd erupted in jubilation when the home team scored a last-minute goal.
2. Her face was a picture of pure jubilation as she crossed the finish line first.
3. The news of their engagement was met with jubilation by their friends and family.
4. The jubilation in the room was palpable as they celebrated their graduation.
5. Jubilation filled the air as the company announced record-breaking profits.
6. His jubilation was evident when he received the promotion he had been working so hard for.

History and etymology of jubilation

The noun 'jubilation' traces its origins to the Latin word 'jubilatio,' which is derived from 'jubilare,' meaning 'to shout for joy' or 'to exult.' This word was often used in religious and festive contexts to express exuberant joy and celebration. Over time, it made its way into Old French as 'jubilation,' retaining its sense of joyful exultation. In English, 'jubilation' emerged in the late Middle Ages and has since been used to describe the enthusiastic and exuberant celebration or expression of happiness in response to significant achievements, events, or occasions. It conveys a profound sense of joy and elation, often associated with milestones, victories, or moments of great importance.

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Further usage examples of jubilation

1. The children's faces lit up with jubilation when they saw the presents under the tree on Christmas morning.
2. The jubilation was infectious as the entire neighborhood gathered for a block party.
3. She couldn't contain her jubilation when she won the lottery.
4. The jubilation in the stadium was deafening after the underdog team won the championship.
5. Their jubilation knew no bounds when they found out they were expecting twins.
6. The jubilation of reaching the summit of the mountain was worth all the effort it took to get there.
7. The jubilation on his face was unmistakable when he received the news of his acceptance into his dream college.
8. A wave of jubilation swept through the classroom when the teacher announced a surprise field trip.
9. The streets were filled with jubilation as people celebrated the country's independence day.
10. The jubilation of a successful product launch was short-lived when they discovered a major defect.
11. Her jubilation turned to disappointment when she realized she had left her wallet at home.
12. There was a sense of jubilation in the air as the city prepared for the grand New Year's Eve fireworks display.
13. The jubilation of winning the lottery quickly turned into concern as he wondered how to manage his newfound wealth.
14. The jubilation of a long-awaited reunion with her childhood friend was indescribable.
15. Despite the rain, the outdoor wedding was filled with jubilation and laughter.
16. The jubilation of receiving a clean bill of health from the doctor was a huge relief.
17. The team's jubilation was contagious as they celebrated their victory in the locker room.
18. Their jubilation at finding the missing dog was heartwarming.
19. Even in the face of adversity, their determination brought a sense of jubilation to the group.



elation, misery, sorrow, sadness


SAT 17 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Achievement and Excellence, Celebration and Festivities

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