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How to pronounce facade (audio)

Dictionary definition of facade

A false or superficial appearance of something, particularly in the sense of a deceptive outward appearance.
"She maintained a facade of confidence, despite her insecurities."

Detailed meaning of facade

This meaning is often used in situations where someone or something presents a certain image or impression to the outside world that is different from their true nature or reality. The term can be used to describe individuals, organizations, or even entire societies that put on a false front in order to conceal their true motives or actions.

For example, a company might put on a facade of being environmentally friendly, but behind the scenes it is actually engaging in practices that are harmful to the environment. Or, a politician might present themselves as a champion of the people, but behind closed doors they are working to further their own interests rather than those of the general population. In both cases, the facade is used to conceal the reality of the situation and give the appearance of something other than what is really happening.

In general, a facade carries a negative connotation as it is often used to hide some issues or create a false image.

Example sentences containing facade

1. The beautiful facade of the building belied the crumbling infrastructure within.
2. The facade of the house was in need of repair, but the inside was in even worse shape.
3. He tried to maintain a facade of calm, even though he was panicking inside.
4. The facade of the restaurant was charming, but the food was mediocre.
5. She maintained a facade of perfection, but her friends knew that she had her flaws.
6. The facade of the company was one of integrity, but it was later revealed to be involved in fraud.

History and etymology of facade

The noun 'facade' has its etymological origins in French. It comes from the Middle French word 'fassade,' which is derived from the Italian word 'facciata.' The Italian term 'facciata' is a combination of 'faccia,' meaning 'face' or 'front,' and the suffix '-ata,' denoting 'having.' In this sense, 'facade' originally referred to the front face or exterior of a building or structure. Over time, it took on a metaphorical meaning to describe not just the physical front of a building but also the superficial or deceptive appearance of something, often used in the context of concealing the true nature or condition of an entity. Hence, the etymology of 'facade' reflects its historical association with the outward face of a structure, which serves as a metaphor for a false or superficial appearance.

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Further usage examples of facade

1. He tried to maintain a facade of indifference, but it was clear that he was heartbroken.
2. The facade of the small town was picturesque, but there was a lot of corruption and crime lurking beneath the surface.
3. She tried to maintain a facade of being together, but it was clear that she was struggling.
4. The facade of the building was grand, but the inside was cramped and poorly designed.
5. He tried to maintain a facade of being wealthy, but it was obvious that he was struggling financially.
6. Behind her cheerful facade, she concealed a world of pain.
7. The ornate facade of the mansion concealed its neglected interior.
8. His confident facade crumbled under pressure.
9. The company's ethical facade masked its unethical practices.
10. The resort's beautiful facade masked its subpar accommodations.
11. She maintained a stoic facade despite her inner turmoil.
12. The historic facade of the building hid a modern interior.
13. His charming facade couldn't hide his true intentions.
14. The restaurant's upscale facade didn't match its mediocre food.
15. She kept up a professional facade during the challenging project.
16. The politician's friendly facade concealed his political agenda.
17. The store's attractive facade lured customers with false promises.
18. The corporate facade of the company was exposed by a whistleblower.
19. Behind the smiling facade, he harbored deep resentment.
20. The theater's grand facade was a contrast to its modest interior.
21. She presented a perfect facade on social media but felt lonely.
22. The church's historic facade was a testament to its legacy.
23. He wore a carefree facade, but anxiety plagued him.
24. The fancy facade of the café didn't match its bland menu.
25. The team's unity was a facade; they struggled with internal conflicts.



pretense, reality, authenticity, genuineness


Deceit and Pretense, Correspondence and Understanding, Discolsure and Revelation, Social Hierarchy and Relationships, Fake and Insincere

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