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How to pronounce facetious (audio)

Dictionary definition of facetious

Not seriously meaning what you say in an attempt to be humorous, usually with deliberately inappropriate humour.
"He has a facetious wit that makes light of awkward situations."

Detailed meaning of facetious

Facetious is an adjective that describes a person, statement or a situation that is intended to be humorous but is often considered inappropriate or in poor taste. Facetious remarks are often made in jest or with a playful intent, but they can also be seen as trivializing or making light of a serious situation.

Facetiousness can manifest in different ways, such as making a joke in a serious meeting, or making a sarcastic comment in a somber moment. It can also refer to a person who has a tendency to make jokes or sarcastic comments in inappropriate situations.

Facetiousness can be difficult to detect as it is often subtle and conveyed through tone or body language, and can be misunderstood or misinterpreted. It can be seen as a form of insensitivity, disrespect or lack of empathy. When a situation is serious, facetiousness can be seen as inappropriate, especially if it causes offense or hurt to others. However, in some contexts, it can be seen as a form of coping mechanism to deal with difficult situations.

Example sentences containing facetious

1. His facetious remarks at the meeting lightened the mood but raised eyebrows.
2. She adopted a facetious tone to downplay her nervousness during the interview.
3. The teacher's facetious comment had the class in stitches.
4. Despite his facetious demeanor, he was actually a deeply caring person.
5. The facetious quip from the comedian caught the audience off guard.
6. The politician's facetious promises left voters skeptical and distrustful.

History and etymology of facetious

The adjective 'facetious' has an etymology rooted in Latin and French influences. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'facetia,' which means wit or jest. In Middle French, it evolved into 'facetieux,' meaning jocular or humorous. The term 'facetious' emerged in the English language in the 16th century and originally carried a more positive connotation of being witty or humorous. However, over time, it came to refer to humor that is not meant to be taken seriously and is often marked by inappropriate or flippant remarks. Today, 'facetious' describes a form of humor characterized by jesting or irony, typically with a sense of playfulness or irreverence, though it may be perceived as insincere or lacking in seriousness in certain contexts.

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Further usage examples of facetious

1. He used facetious humor to cope with the stress of his demanding job.
2. Her facetious response to criticism masked her true feelings.
3. The facetious banter between friends was a daily ritual.
4. The manager's facetious suggestion for solving the problem was surprisingly effective.
5. She couldn't resist making facetious comments during the long meeting.
6. The sarcastic, facetious tone of his email offended some colleagues.
7. His facetious impersonations of celebrities were spot-on.
8. The facetious tone of the conversation gradually turned serious.
9. He used facetious exaggeration to make a point about the situation.
10. The facetious retort sparked a lighthearted debate among coworkers.
11. Their facetious banter was a way of expressing affection for each other.
12. The facetious advertisements for the product played on absurd humor.
13. She struggled to convey her true emotions behind her facetious façade.
14. The facetious mascot at the event kept children entertained.
15. His facetious demeanor masked his true feelings of sadness.
16. The facetious commentary during the game made it more entertaining.
17. The facetious jab at his friend's fashion sense was all in good fun.
18. The facetious tone of the presentation lightened the heavy topic.
19. Despite his facetious exterior, he had a heart of gold.



joking, serious, solemn, grave


GRE 6 (Graduate Record Examination), SAT 12 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Comedy and Silliness

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