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How to pronounce feat (audio)
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Dictionary definition of feat

An impressive or remarkable achievement, particularly one that requires skill, effort, or courage.
"Climbing Mount Everest is a remarkable feat of human endurance."

Detailed meaning of feat

It signifies the accomplishment of a notable task or the performance of an extraordinary action. Feats are often associated with notable accomplishments in various domains, such as sports, arts, science, or exploration. They can encompass a wide range of achievements, including physical acts of strength or agility, intellectual breakthroughs, artistic creations, or daring adventures. A feat is typically regarded as something beyond the ordinary, going beyond the expectations or limitations of what is considered normal or average. It may involve overcoming challenges, pushing one's limits, or demonstrating exceptional talent or perseverance. Feats can inspire awe and admiration, serving as a testament to human potential and the capacity to achieve greatness through determination and skill.

Example sentences containing feat

1. The gymnast's flawless routine was a breathtaking feat of agility and strength.
2. Completing a marathon is no small feat; it requires months of training and dedication.
3. The scientist's groundbreaking discovery was a remarkable feat of innovation.
4. Building a skyscraper in record time was an engineering feat that captivated the world.
5. The magician's illusion left the audience in awe of his magical feats.
6. Winning an Olympic gold medal is a tremendous feat that only a few athletes accomplish.

History and etymology of feat

The noun 'feat' has its origins in the Old French word 'fait,' which means 'deed' or 'action.' In Old French, 'fait' was derived from the Latin term 'factum,' which also means 'a deed' or 'an action.' Over time, 'fait' evolved into 'feat' in Middle English, retaining its sense of a remarkable action or deed. A 'feat' came to represent an impressive or remarkable achievement, particularly one that requires skill, effort, or courage. The etymology of 'feat' reflects its historical association with notable actions or deeds, highlighting the idea of something extraordinary and accomplished through skill or determination.

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Further usage examples of feat

1. Writing a bestselling novel while juggling a full-time job is a remarkable feat of time management.
2. The rescue team's daring feat saved the trapped hikers from a dangerous situation.
3. The pianist's flawless performance of the complex concerto was a virtuosic feat.
4. The chef's culinary masterpiece was a feat of creativity and gastronomic skill.
5. The astronaut's successful spacewalk was a historic feat in the realm of space exploration.
6. Climbing Mount Everest is a remarkable feat of human endurance.
7. Her musical performance was a feat that left the audience in awe.
8. Winning the championship was a feat they had trained for tirelessly.
9. The construction of the Great Wall of China is a historic feat.
10. Overcoming adversity to graduate was a feat he'll always cherish.
11. Achieving a perfect score on the test was an intellectual feat.
12. Their teamwork in the final moments was a remarkable feat.
13. The gymnast's flawless routine was a feat of grace and strength.
14. Crossing the treacherous desert was a survival feat.
15. Landing a spacecraft on Mars is a technological feat.
16. Writing a novel in just a month is a creative feat.
17. Breaking the world record was a remarkable feat of athleticism.
18. His culinary creations are a culinary feat.
19. Solving the complex puzzle was a feat of logic and patience.
20. Her feat of balancing multiple responsibilities was impressive.
21. Completing the marathon was a physical feat of endurance.
22. The artist's masterpiece was a creative and artistic feat.
23. Designing the skyscraper was an architectural feat.
24. Their humanitarian efforts were a feat of compassion.
25. Sailing solo around the world is an incredible feat of courage.

achievement, failure, defeat, loss

Excellence and Virtue, Fortitude and Rebellion, Resilience and Resolve, Endeavor and Pursuit, Pinnacle and Perfection, Success and Achievement




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