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Definition of 'milestone'

A significant event or achievement that marks a specific point in time or progress towards a particular goal.
"The completion of the project was a major milestone for the team."

Detailed Meaning of 'milestone'

Milestone is a noun that refers to Milestones are often used to track progress towards a long-term project or objective, and can serve as a way to measure success or identify areas where additional effort is needed. Examples of milestones might include the completion of a major phase of a construction project, the launch of a new product or service, or the attainment of a key performance indicator in a business or organizational context. Milestones can also be used to mark personal achievements or life events, such as graduations, weddings, or the birth of a child. Ultimately, milestones are important because they provide a sense of accomplishment and progress towards a goal, and can help to motivate individuals or teams to continue working towards their objectives.


Examples of 'milestone' in a Sentence

1. Graduating from college was a significant milestone in her educational journey.
2. The completion of the project marked a major milestone for the team.
3. Getting her driver's license was a significant milestone in her life.
4. The company celebrated reaching a revenue milestone of $1 million.
5. The birth of their first child was a joyous milestone for the couple.
6. Reaching 50 years of marriage was a remarkable milestone for the couple to celebrate.

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Origins & Etymology of 'milestone'

The term 'milestone' has its origins in ancient Rome, where it was derived from the Latin words 'mille' and 'passus.' 'Mille' means 'thousand,' and 'passus' translates to 'a step' or 'a pace.' In Roman times, roads were often marked with stone pillars, each one placed a thousand paces apart. These markers served as both distance indicators and points of reference for travelers. Over time, the concept of a significant marker at regular intervals evolved, eventually leading to the figurative use of the word 'milestone' to describe a significant event or achievement that marks a specific point in time or progress towards a particular goal.


How to pronounce milestone (audio)


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