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How to pronounce tour-de-force (audio)

Dictionary definition of tour-de-force

A performance or achievement that has been accomplished with great skill.
"The chef's meal was a tour de force of flavors and textures."

Detailed meaning of tour-de-force

"Tour de force" is a French phrase that translates to "a feat of strength" or "a masterful accomplishment." It is used to describe a remarkable or outstanding achievement, often one that requires a high level of skill, ability, and effort. The term is often used to describe an exceptional performance or accomplishment in the arts, such as a musical performance, a play, a film, or a book. It is also used in the context of sports, to describe an extraordinary performance by an athlete or a team. In the field of science and technology, it refers to an innovative or groundbreaking achievement. In business and politics, it can refer to a particularly successful or skillful negotiation or campaign. The phrase is also used in a more general sense to describe any remarkable or outstanding achievement, regardless of the field or context. In literature and media, it is often used to describe a character's exceptional performance or accomplishment.

Example sentences containing tour-de-force

1. His piano concerto was a musical tour-de-force.
2. The chef's tasting menu was a culinary tour-de-force.
3. The movie's special effects were a visual tour-de-force.
4. Her presentation was a tour-de-force of persuasive speaking.
5. The novel is considered a literary tour-de-force.
6. The athlete's performance was a physical tour-de-force.

History and etymology of tour-de-force

The noun 'tour-de-force' has its origins in the French language, where it literally translates to 'tour of strength' or 'feat of strength.' The term 'tour' means 'turn' or 'round,' and 'force' means 'strength.' It originally referred to a remarkable physical or artistic feat that demonstrated exceptional skill, strength, or ability. Over time, it found its way into English and broadened its meaning to encompass any outstanding or remarkable achievement in various fields, such as the arts, sports, or other endeavors. Therefore, when we describe something as a 'tour-de-force,' we are acknowledging that it represents an exceptional and masterful accomplishment, achieved with great skill and often leaving a lasting impression on those who witness or experience it.

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Further usage examples of tour-de-force

1. The building's architecture is an engineering tour-de-force.
2. The ballet performance was a choreographic tour-de-force.
3. The tech company's product launch was a technological tour-de-force.
4. The artist's exhibit is an artistic tour-de-force.
5. His leadership during the crisis was a managerial tour-de-force.
6. The scientist's research breakthrough was a scientific tour-de-force.
7. The fashion show was a design tour-de-force.
8. The guitarist's solo was a musical tour-de-force.
9. The lawyer's courtroom argument was a legal tour-de-force.
10. The director's film was a cinematic tour-de-force.
11. Her fashion collection was a design tour-de-force.
12. The athlete's world record was a physical tour-de-force.
13. The chef's new dish was a culinary tour-de-force.
14. The magician's performance was a magical tour-de-force.
15. His performance in the play was a tour de force that left the audience speechless.
16. She delivered a tour de force speech that left the crowd in awe.
17. He pulled off a tour de force in the game, scoring the winning goal in the last minute.
18. Her novel was a tour de force of storytelling and imagination.
19. The architect's design was a tour de force of innovation and functionality.
20. He performed a tour de force of acrobatics that left the audience amazed.
21. She gave a tour de force performance in the concert, singing and playing several instruments.
22. The scientist's research was a tour de force that revolutionized the field.
23. He pulled off a tour de force in the race, setting a new record.
24. Her sculpture was a tour de force of creativity and skill.
25. The dancer's routine was a tour de force of grace and athleticism.



masterpiece, failure, flop, mediocrity


Admiration and Respect, Creativity and Originality, Pinnacle and Perfection, Achievement and Excellence, Performance and Display, Skill and Distinction

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