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How to pronounce finicky (audio)
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Dictionary definition of finicky

Difficult to please or having a lot of specific requirements or preferences.
"The painter was finicky about the quality of his brushes and paints."

Detailed meaning of finicky

It can also refer to a person who is overly particular or picky about small details. For example, "he's so finicky about the way his food is prepared" or "she's finicky about the clothes she wears." The word can also be used to describe someone who is hard to please when it comes to food, clothing, or other things. In general, finicky means to be very particular, to have exacting standards, to be hard to please, to be demanding, or to be choosy.

Example sentences containing finicky

1. The finicky eater refused anything green on his plate, even a speck of spinach.
2. The finicky cat would only drink water from a crystal bowl and ate only one brand of food.
3. He was known for his finicky taste in art, appreciating only the most obscure and avant-garde pieces.
4. The finicky computer program required precise coding, and any errors would result in crashes.
5. Her finicky nature made finding the perfect gift for her birthday a time-consuming challenge.
6. The finicky shopper spent hours comparing product labels, looking for the slightest imperfections.

History and etymology of finicky

The adjective 'finicky' has its origins in the 19th-century American English term 'finicking,' which was derived from the word 'finical.' 'Finical' itself is believed to have evolved from the word 'fine,' originally meaning 'delicate' or 'exquisite.' Over time, 'finical' came to describe someone who is overly concerned with fine or delicate details and is particularly attentive to small, often trivial matters. Consequently, 'finicky' evolved as a descriptor for individuals who are difficult to please, having a multitude of specific requirements or preferences, and who are highly attentive to even the minutest details, emphasizing their fastidious and sometimes overly particular nature.

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Further usage examples of finicky

1. The car's finicky engine needed constant maintenance, and it often stalled at inconvenient times.
2. The finicky details of the project demanded meticulous attention to every tiny aspect.
3. The finicky customer sent her meal back three times, complaining about the slightest seasoning.
4. His finicky work habits made collaboration with colleagues a frustrating experience.
5. The finicky toddler insisted on wearing the same outfit every day, leading to daily laundry sessions.
6. The finicky landlord had a long list of rules for tenants, leaving little room for personalization.
7. The finicky gardener meticulously tended to each plant, ensuring they received the perfect care.
8. The finicky reviewer gave the book a harsh critique, pointing out even the minor flaws.
9. Her finicky allergies required careful menu choices, and she carried an EpiPen everywhere.
10. The finicky weather disrupted outdoor plans frequently, with sudden rain showers and gusty winds.
11. The finicky designer rejected multiple prototypes, seeking perfection in every design element.
12. The finicky CEO demanded constant updates on the project's progress, leaving the team stressed.
13. The finicky editor meticulously checked every word, ensuring flawless grammar and punctuation.
14. The finicky moviegoer only watched foreign films, dismissing Hollywood productions as formulaic.
15. The finicky client rejected several design options before finally settling on one.
16. The finicky toddler refused to eat anything that wasn't in the shape of a dinosaur.
17. She was known to be finicky about the food she ate.
18. The finicky customer returned her order several times, claiming it wasn't cooked properly.
19. The photographer was finicky about the lighting and spent hours adjusting it.
20. My boss is quite finicky about punctuality and expects us to be on time for all meetings.
21. The finicky collector was only interested in acquiring rare and unique items.
22. The author was finicky about word choice and spent hours agonizing over every sentence.
23. The hostess was finicky about the seating arrangements and rearranged the tables several times.
24. The scientist was finicky about the equipment and would only use the most precise and accurate instruments.
25. She's so finicky about what she eats that it's hard to find a restaurant that meets her standards.

picky, undemanding, easygoing, tolerant

Annoyance and Irritation, Options and Determinations, Complaint and Discontent, Demanding and Challenging, Adversity and Obstacle, Temperament and Disposition




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