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How to pronounce scrupulous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of scrupulous

Extremely careful and thorough in one's work or actions, and having high moral and ethical standards of behavior.
"The scrupulous editor caught every spelling and grammar mistake in the manuscript."

Detailed meaning of scrupulous

Someone who is scrupulous follows rules and principles very strictly, and is very honest and moral. For example, a scrupulous researcher is one who is very careful and thorough in their work, and a scrupulous businessman is one who is very honest and fair in their dealings.

Example sentences containing scrupulous

1. She's a scrupulous accountant who never makes errors.
2. His scrupulous attention to detail ensures quality.
3. A scrupulous review of the contract revealed no flaws.
4. The lawyer was known for his scrupulous honesty.
5. In science, scrupulous methodology is essential.
6. Her scrupulous ethics guided her career decisions.

History and etymology of scrupulous

The adjective 'scrupulous' finds its origins in the Latin word 'scrupulosus,' which is derived from 'scrupulus,' meaning 'a small sharp stone' or 'a pebble.' In ancient Rome, 'scrupulus' referred to a small unit of weight or measure, and it was also associated with feelings of unease or doubt, much like having a small, nagging doubt in one's conscience. Over time, 'scrupulosus' evolved to describe individuals who were extremely careful and thorough in their work or actions, paying meticulous attention to even the smallest details, akin to examining small stones for imperfections. Additionally, 'scrupulous' came to connote having high moral and ethical standards of behavior, as individuals with such standards were seen as being conscientious and meticulous in adhering to their principles. The etymology of 'scrupulous' thus underscores the idea of careful scrutiny, both in one's actions and in one's moral compass, highlighting the meticulous and conscientious nature of individuals who exhibit scrupulous behavior.

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Further usage examples of scrupulous

1. The chef's scrupulous hygiene earned a Michelin star.
2. A scrupulous investigation uncovered the truth.
3. The journalist is scrupulous in verifying facts.
4. Scrupulous care is required in handling sensitive data.
5. The scrupulous accountant anonymously leaked details of money laundering inside the government department.
6. The organization has a duty to be scrupulous in its dealings with politically motivated entities.
7. He was a scrupulous politician who always fully disclosed his personal business interests.
8. The police investigation has been carried out with scrupulous attention to detail.
9. She was scrupulous about every word she wrote in her employees letter of appraisal.
10. He had a reputation for fairness and scrupulous honesty.
11. She is a scrupulous researcher and always double-checks her work.
12. The scrupulous accountant made sure every number was correct before submitting the report.
13. The scrupulous doctor always follows the guidelines to the letter.
14. She is a scrupulous employee and never takes shortcuts.
15. The scrupulous lawyer made sure all the documents were in order before the court case.
16. The scrupulous politician was always careful to avoid any conflicts of interest.
17. He is a scrupulous scientist and always follows the scientific method in his research.
18. The scrupulous teacher graded every assignment carefully and fairly.
19. She is a scrupulous customer and always reads the fine print before making a purchase.
20. The scrupulous artist made sure every detail in the painting was perfect.
21. He is a scrupulous worker and always follows safety guidelines.



meticulous, careless, negligent, unprincipled


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