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Definition of 'demanding'

Requiring a lot of effort, attention, skill, or dedication to meet or satisfy.
"The athlete underwent a demanding training regimen to prepare for the marathon."

Detailed Meaning of 'demanding'

It implies that the task, situation, or person presents challenges or expectations that are difficult to fulfill. A demanding task often involves complexity, high standards, or a significant level of difficulty, demanding focused effort and concentration. Similarly, a demanding person may have exacting standards, expectations, or requirements, making it challenging to meet their needs or satisfy their desires. The adjective conveys the idea of needing considerable effort, time, or resources to accomplish or fulfill the demands at hand. It suggests that the situation or individual places a heavy burden or expectation, often requiring exceptional abilities, endurance, or commitment to succeed or meet the desired outcomes.


Examples of 'demanding' in a Sentence

1. Her job as a surgeon is demanding, requiring long hours and precise attention to detail.
2. The professor set demanding standards for the research paper, expecting thorough analysis and extensive references.
3. The CEO's demanding nature pushed the employees to deliver exceptional results.
4. Being a parent can be demanding, juggling multiple responsibilities and meeting the needs of children.
5. The project manager faced a demanding deadline, requiring swift completion of the tasks.
6. The piano piece was technically demanding, challenging even experienced musicians.

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Origins & Etymology of 'demanding'

The adjective 'demanding' is derived from the verb 'demand,' which, as discussed earlier, has its origins in Latin and Old French. 'Demand' ultimately comes from the Latin word 'demandare,' which combines 'de' meaning 'completely' and 'mandare' meaning 'to entrust' or 'to order.' Therefore, the etymology of 'demanding' conveys the idea of requiring something to be done or met completely, emphasizing the need for a significant level of effort, attention, skill, or dedication to satisfy a particular requirement. The word 'demanding' reflects its historical roots in the act of making a complete and forceful request, which, when applied to tasks or challenges, implies a high level of difficulty and effort needed to meet those demands.

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