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How to pronounce fiscal (audio)

Dictionary definition of fiscal

Relating to finances, particularly those concerning government revenue, taxation, and expenditures.
"The fiscal package includes funding for education and infrastructure projects."

Detailed meaning of fiscal

It encompasses the financial policies, practices, and management of a government, organization, or individual, focusing on how money is earned, spent, and managed. In the context of government, fiscal policies can include decisions on taxation rates, budget allocation, and overall economic management to ensure the stability and growth of a country's economy. In a broader sense, "fiscal" can also refer to personal financial matters, such as budgeting and financial planning, but it is most commonly associated with the financial affairs and policies of governments and institutions. Understanding fiscal matters is crucial in the fields of economics, public policy, and finance, as it plays a fundamental role in shaping the economic well-being of a nation and its citizens.

Example sentences containing fiscal

1. The government presented its fiscal budget for the year.
2. Fiscal policies aim to regulate economic growth.
3. Fiscal responsibility is crucial for a stable economy.
4. The fiscal year begins on April 1st in many countries.
5. A fiscal deficit can strain a nation's finances.
6. Fiscal decisions impact both businesses and individuals.

History and etymology of fiscal

The adjective 'fiscal' has its etymology rooted in Latin. It comes from the Latin word 'fiscus,' which referred to a basket or container used for holding money or treasury funds. In ancient Rome, the 'fiscus' represented the imperial treasury, where tax revenues and government funds were stored. Over time, 'fiscus' evolved into 'fiscalis,' which pertained to matters related to the treasury or finances. As it transitioned into English, it became 'fiscal,' describing anything related to finances, particularly those concerning government revenue, taxation, and expenditures. The etymology of 'fiscal' effectively underscores its historical connection to matters of public finance and the management of government funds, emphasizing its role as an adjective used to describe financial matters with a focus on government finances.

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Further usage examples of fiscal

1. The finance minister addressed fiscal concerns in the speech.
2. The central bank plays a role in fiscal matters.
3. Fiscal measures were introduced to stimulate the economy.
4. He studied fiscal policies during his economics class.
5. The committee reviews fiscal reports regularly.
6. Fiscal challenges often require innovative solutions.
7. Fiscal discipline is essential for long-term stability.
8. Tax reform is a key aspect of fiscal planning.
9. Fiscal planning includes revenue and expenditure forecasts.
10. The fiscal outlook remains uncertain amid economic changes.
11. Fiscal indicators provide insights into economic health.
12. The government implemented new fiscal measures.
13. The fiscal situation improved due to increased tax revenue.
14. Fiscal transparency is a hallmark of good governance.
15. The company's fiscal year ends in December.
16. The government's fiscal policies have a major impact on the economy.
17. The country is facing a fiscal crisis due to high levels of debt.
18. The fiscal budget was approved by the board of directors.
19. The fiscal deficit has been increasing in recent years.
20. The fiscal year begins with a budget meeting.
21. The fiscal responsibility of the government is to manage public finances.
22. The fiscal report showed an improvement in revenue.
23. The fiscal year was marked by a recession in the economy.
24. The fiscal plan for the next year includes cost-cutting measures.
25. The fiscal year is a critical period for the company's financial performance.



financial, bodily, challenging, annoying


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