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How to pronounce forgiveness (audio)


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Dictionary definition of forgiveness

The act or process of pardoning, absolving, or letting go of resentment, anger, or the desire for revenge towards someone who has wronged or hurt you.
"He sought forgiveness for his past mistakes and vowed to make amends."

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Detailed meaning of forgiveness

It involves releasing negative emotions and granting mercy, compassion, or understanding to the person who has committed the offense. Forgiveness is a deeply personal and transformative experience that allows individuals to free themselves from the burden of carrying grudges or harboring negative feelings. It does not imply forgetting or condoning the actions of others but rather choosing to release the emotional attachment to the wrongdoing and moving towards healing and reconciliation. Forgiveness can be a challenging and courageous act, requiring empathy, empathy, and a willingness to embrace vulnerability. It offers the opportunity for personal growth, peace of mind, and the restoration of relationships. Ultimately, forgiveness is a powerful act of self-liberation and a pathway to emotional well-being and inner harmony.

Example sentences containing forgiveness

1. The act of forgiveness brought relief and liberation to her wounded heart.
2. Forgiveness is a powerful tool for healing and personal growth.
3. Forgiveness requires strength and courage to let go of resentment.
4. The power of forgiveness can mend even the deepest wounds.
5. She found solace in the act of forgiveness, allowing her to move forward with her life.
6. Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves, freeing us from the chains of bitterness.

History and etymology of forgiveness

The noun 'forgiveness' is derived from the verb 'forgive,' which has its origins in Middle English. In Middle English, 'forgiven' meant 'to give up,' 'to abandon,' or 'to pardon.' It can be traced back to the Old English word 'forgiefan,' which also meant 'to give' or 'to grant.' The term 'forgiveness' encapsulates the act or process of pardoning, absolving, or letting go of resentment, anger, or the desire for revenge towards someone who has wronged or hurt you. It emphasizes the idea of releasing negative emotions and choosing to pardon or grant clemency to another person, often as an act of compassion, reconciliation, or personal growth. The etymology of 'forgiveness' underscores its historical connection to the concept of granting pardon and the transformative power of letting go of grievances and resentment for the sake of inner peace and healing.

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Further usage examples of forgiveness

1. Asking for forgiveness requires humility and a willingness to take responsibility.
2. The act of forgiveness fostered a renewed sense of connection and understanding.
3. Choosing forgiveness enabled them to rebuild their broken relationship.
4. Forgiveness is not an easy journey, but its rewards are immeasurable.
5. The act of forgiveness is a profound act of grace and compassion.
6. Forgiveness is a healing balm for the wounds of the heart.
7. She sought forgiveness for her past mistakes with genuine remorse.
8. The power of forgiveness can mend even the deepest rifts.
9. Granting forgiveness can bring inner peace and liberation.
10. Forgiveness requires letting go of grudges and embracing empathy.
11. Forgiveness can rebuild trust and strengthen relationships.
12. He found forgiveness in his heart after years of bitterness.
13. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, releasing negativity.
14. Seeking forgiveness is the first step toward redemption.
15. Forgiveness can transform resentment into compassion.
16. Forgiveness liberates the soul from the burden of anger.
17. The act of forgiveness can break the cycle of revenge.
18. Forgiveness promotes emotional healing and personal growth.
19. She extended an olive branch as a gesture of forgiveness.
20. Forgiveness is a bridge to reconciliation and understanding.
21. Forgiveness is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.
22. He learned that forgiveness was the key to inner freedom.
23. Forgiveness can mend fractured relationships and families.
24. Forgiveness empowers individuals to overcome past pain.
25. The path to forgiveness may be difficult, but it's worth the journey.



pardon, resentment, grudge, vengeance


Suffix -ness, TOEFL 7, Recognition and Approval, Absolution and Redemption

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