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How to pronounce mercy (audio)


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Dictionary definition of mercy

An act of forgiveness or compassion shown towards someone who is in a vulnerable or disadvantaged position.
"She had no mercy for the thief who stole from her."


Detailed meaning of mercy

It involves the willingness to show kindness and empathy towards others, even when they may not deserve it or have wronged us in some way. The concept of mercy is often associated with religious or spiritual beliefs, but it can also be seen as a universal human value that promotes understanding, empathy, and the desire to alleviate suffering. In many cultures and traditions, mercy is considered a virtue that is essential for creating a more just and compassionate society. At its core, mercy involves an act of grace that allows us to see beyond our differences and connect with others on a deeper level, promoting healing and reconciliation.

Example sentences containing mercy

1. He begged for mercy as the judge sentenced him to prison.
2. She showed mercy towards the stray dog and took it in as her own.
3. The soldier spared his enemy's life out of mercy.
4. He asked for God's mercy in his final moments.
5. The judge granted clemency on the basis of mercy.
6. The group of survivors begged the rescuers for mercy.

History and etymology of mercy

The noun 'mercy' originates from the Old French word 'merci,' which is a derivative of the Latin 'merces,' meaning 'wages' or 'reward.' Over time, its meaning evolved to encompass the concept of an act of forgiveness or compassion shown towards someone who is in a vulnerable or disadvantaged position. 'Mercy' embodies the idea of extending kindness, leniency, or clemency to those in need, often emphasizing the power to alleviate suffering or grant reprieve. It reflects a fundamental aspect of human ethics and morality, highlighting the capacity for empathy and benevolence in the face of adversity or wrongdoing. 'Mercy' stands as a testament to the enduring value of compassion and understanding in our interactions with others.

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Further usage examples of mercy

1. She showed mercy by giving food and shelter to the homeless people.
2. The victim's family asked the court to show mercy on the perpetrator.
3. He begged for mercy as the kidnapper held him hostage.
4. The mother showed mercy by not pressing charges against her child.
5. He implored his enemy for mercy before the final battle.
6. The judge showed mercy and reduced the sentence for the first-time offender.
7. In times of war, civilians often plead for mercy from the opposing forces.
8. The injured animal looked at them with pleading eyes, hoping for mercy.
9. The mercy of the storm spared their home from the destruction that surrounded them.
10. She begged for mercy, hoping that her apology would be accepted.
11. The doctor administered pain relief, bringing mercy to the suffering patient.
12. The thief pleaded for mercy as he was caught in the act.
13. The kind-hearted stranger showed mercy and offered a helping hand to the homeless person.
14. The mercy of forgiveness allowed them to heal and move forward.
15. The prisoner on death row awaited a decision of mercy from the governor.
16. The concept of mercy is often associated with compassion and empathy.
17. The mercy of the court led to a reduced sentence for the convicted criminal.
18. The mercy of time healed the wounds of the past and brought new beginnings.
19. The mercy of nature provided a bountiful harvest, ensuring food for the community.
20. The mercy of a second chance allowed him to turn his life around and make amends.
21. The warrior showed no mercy in the heat of battle, defeating his enemies swiftly.
22. The mercy of a helping hand during tough times can make a significant difference in someone's life.
23. The plea for mercy fell on deaf ears, as the judge handed down a harsh sentence.
24. The mercy of love allowed them to forgive each other's mistakes and rebuild their relationship.
25. The mercy of the ocean granted the lost sailors safe passage back to land.



compassion, cruelty, harshness, indifference


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