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How to pronounce forthcoming (audio)


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Dictionary definition of forthcoming

Readily available, approaching, or expected to happen or be provided in the near future.
"The forthcoming book by the acclaimed author has created a buzz in literary circles."

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Detailed meaning of forthcoming

It suggests an openness and willingness to share information, participate, or engage in a forthcoming manner. When used to describe a person, it implies a quality of being honest, transparent, and willing to communicate openly. Similarly, when used in the context of events or situations, it indicates that they are expected to occur or be revealed in the near future, without delay or hesitation. The term "forthcoming" carries a sense of reliability and trustworthiness, as it implies a readiness to share or contribute, ensuring that the necessary information or resources will be made available when needed.

Example sentences containing forthcoming

1. The speaker at the conference was forthcoming with valuable insights and practical tips.
2. The police assured the public that all forthcoming information regarding the investigation would be shared promptly.
3. Sarah's forthcoming attitude during the interview impressed the hiring manager.
4. The company announced the forthcoming release of their new product, generating excitement among consumers.
5. John's forthcoming apology helped mend the strained relationship between him and his friend.
6. The teacher provided forthcoming feedback to help the students improve their work.

History and etymology of forthcoming

The adjective 'forthcoming' has its roots in Old English and Middle English. It derives from the combination of two words: 'forth' and 'coming.' The word 'forth' can be traced back to the Old English word 'forþ,' which means 'forward' or 'out.' 'Coming' is derived from the Old English word 'cuman,' which means 'to arrive' or 'to approach.' When these two words were combined, they formed 'forthcoming,' which originally meant 'about to come forward' or 'approaching.' Over time, the term evolved to encompass the broader sense of something that is readily available or expected to happen in the near future, as we understand it today.

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Further usage examples of forthcoming

1. The forthcoming meeting will address important issues and propose potential solutions.
2. The politician promised to be forthcoming about their plans for improving the healthcare system.
3. The team captain's forthcoming leadership style encouraged open communication among the players.
4. The organization's forthcoming annual report will outline its achievements and future goals.
5. Despite the challenging circumstances, the team remained optimistic and focused on the forthcoming opportunities.
6. The forthcoming book promises to be an insightful read for history enthusiasts.
7. We anticipate the forthcoming changes will greatly benefit our company.
8. The eagerly forthcoming weekend brings a sense of relief after a long week.
9. Her forthcoming interview has everyone curious about her future plans.
10. The forthcoming lunar eclipse will be a spectacular celestial event.
11. The forthcoming holiday season fills the town with festive decorations.
12. We're excited about the forthcoming arrival of our new neighbors.
13. His forthcoming apology was a welcome gesture of reconciliation.
14. The forthcoming product launch is generating a lot of buzz.
15. The forthcoming budget announcement has sparked heated debates.
16. Our forthcoming adventure promises breathtaking views of nature.
17. The forthcoming storm warnings prompted residents to prepare.
18. She's known for her forthcoming attitude when discussing difficult topics.
19. The forthcoming concert promises to be a memorable musical experience.
20. We're eagerly awaiting the forthcoming results of the experiment.
21. His forthcoming retirement marks the end of an era in our company.
22. The forthcoming movie trailer left us all eager to see the film.
23. The forthcoming exhibition will showcase local artists' talent.
24. Their forthcoming wedding is the talk of the town.
25. The forthcoming semester will bring new challenges and opportunities.



impending, distant, past, bygone


SAT 4 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Middle School 1, Forecasts and Predictions

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