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Dictionary definition of fustian

A type of pretentious or pompous language that is used to impress or deceive others.
"The marketing executive's presentation was riddled with fustian buzzwords."


Detailed meaning of fustian

It is characterized by an elaborate and high-flown language, which often lacks any real substance or meaning. In this sense, fustian is often used as a term of criticism, to describe language or writing that is needlessly ornate or overblown.

Fustian is a noun that can refer to two different things. Firstly, it can refer to a type of thick, heavy cotton fabric that is often used for upholstery or for making sturdy work clothes. This type of fustian is typically made by weaving a cotton warp and a linen weft, giving it a strong and durable texture.

Example sentences containing fustian

1. His speech was filled with fustian, using grandiose words to obscure the lack of concrete ideas.
2. The politician's fustian promises failed to convince the skeptical audience.
3. The CEO's fustian explanation left the employees more confused than informed.
4. In his fustian novel, the author attempted to impress readers with complex vocabulary.
5. The professor's lectures were often criticized for their fustian, making it hard for students to grasp the subject.
6. The marketing campaign relied on fustian slogans that lacked authenticity.

History and etymology of fustian

The noun 'fustian' has its etymology rooted in the world of textiles and fabric. It originally referred to a coarse and heavy cloth, often made of cotton and wool, and was produced in the medieval town of Fustat in Egypt, which was a major center for textile production. Over time, the term 'fustian' came to be associated with pretentious or pompous language, akin to the idea of using heavy, high-sounding words to impress or deceive others. It implies the use of inflated or grandiose language that lacks substance or sincerity, often with the intention of appearing more impressive or important than one truly is. Therefore, the etymology of 'fustian' reflects its historical connection to the world of textiles, which later became a metaphor for the use of ostentatious and empty language, as conveyed by its linguistic heritage.

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Further usage examples of fustian

1. Critics dismissed the film's dialogue as fustian, lacking depth or genuine emotion.
2. Her resume was filled with fustian achievements that seemed exaggerated.
3. The company's annual report was full of fustian, painting a rosier picture than reality.
4. The self-help book was criticized for its fustian advice that offered little practical guidance.
5. The artist's statement about his abstract painting was a piece of fustian that baffled viewers.
6. The advertisement used fustian language to sell a simple cleaning product.
7. In his attempt to impress the jury, the lawyer resorted to fustian arguments.
8. The motivational speaker's fustian anecdotes failed to resonate with the audience.
9. The self-proclaimed guru used fustian wisdom to attract followers.
10. The magazine article was criticized for its fustian style, making it difficult to discern the key points.
11. The speechwriter added fustian flourishes to the CEO's address, hoping to make it more captivating.
12. The poet's use of fustian language in his verses alienated many readers.
13. The author's attempt at humor in the fustian dialogue of the characters fell flat, eliciting only forced smiles from the readers.
14. The politician's speech was filled with fustian, trying to obscure his true intentions.
15. Instead of straightforward answers, he resorted to fustian to evade the question.
16. The self-help book was full of fustian, promising instant success and happiness.
17. In his attempt to sound knowledgeable, he spouted fustian that left everyone baffled.
18. The marketing campaign relied on fustian slogans rather than real product benefits.
19. His resume was a masterpiece of fustian, exaggerating his qualifications.
20. The CEO's email was a masterpiece of corporate fustian, lacking substance.
21. The academic paper was dense with fustian, making it difficult to grasp the key points.
22. Her flowery language was nothing but fustian, obscuring the true meaning of her message.
23. The motivational speaker's speech was full of fustian, promising quick fixes for life's challenges.
24. The advertisement used fustian testimonials to make the product seem miraculous.



bombast, simplicity, plainness, clarity


Abundance and Excess, Discourse and Conveyance, Exaggeration and Grandiosity



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