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How to pronounce gala (audio)

Dictionary definition of gala

An elaborate and celebratory event or gathering characterized by grandeur, elegance, and festivity.
"The annual charity gala was a night of glamour and generosity."

Detailed meaning of gala

It is often organized to mark a special occasion, such as a fundraising event, a charity ball, an awards ceremony, or a milestone celebration. Galas are typically formal affairs that bring together distinguished guests, prominent figures from various fields, and philanthropic individuals. The ambiance of a gala is one of sophistication, with attendees dressing in their finest attire and being treated to a night of opulence and entertainment. Lavish decorations, gourmet cuisine, live performances, and speeches are common features of a gala, all contributing to an atmosphere of glamour and exclusivity. Galas serve not only as social gatherings but also as opportunities to raise funds for charitable causes, honor achievements, or generate support for important initiatives. They encapsulate a sense of prestige and create memorable experiences for those in attendance.

Example sentences containing gala

1. Celebrities and high-profile guests graced the red carpet at the star-studded gala.
2. The gala organizers spared no expense in creating an enchanting atmosphere with cascading flowers and sparkling chandeliers.
3. The gala committee worked tirelessly to ensure every detail was perfect for the elegant affair.
4. Attendees eagerly awaited the announcement of the award winners at the prestigious gala.
5. The gala featured a silent auction, where guests bid on exclusive items and experiences.
6. The philanthropist's generous donation was acknowledged during the heartfelt speeches at the gala.

History and etymology of gala

The noun 'gala' has its origins in the Old French word 'gale,' which meant 'rejoicing' or 'festivity.' This Old French term is believed to be related to the Late Latin word 'gala,' which meant 'festive' or 'joyous.' Over time, 'gala' came to describe an elaborate and celebratory event or gathering characterized by grandeur, elegance, and festivity. The etymology of 'gala' reflects its historical connection to the idea of joyous and festive occasions, emphasizing the extravagant and glamorous nature of such events that warrant the use of the term 'gala' to describe them.

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Further usage examples of gala

1. The gala showcased a spectacular performance by a renowned opera singer, captivating the audience.
2. The gala attendees were dressed in their finest attire, adding to the atmosphere of sophistication and luxury.
3. The gala's fundraising efforts exceeded expectations, raising significant funds for the local children's hospital.
4. The gala concluded with a lively dance floor, as guests celebrated the success of the event.
5. The gala was a memorable evening, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.
6. The annual charity gala was a dazzling affair with celebrities in attendance.
7. The opera house hosted a gala to celebrate its grand reopening.
8. Her stunning gown stole the show at the glamorous gala.
9. We attended a gala to support the local arts community.
10. The presidential gala was a prestigious event filled with dignitaries.
11. The Hollywood gala was a star-studded night of glitz and glamour.
12. The masquerade gala was a mysterious and enchanting evening.
13. The fundraising gala raised millions for a noble cause.
14. The royal gala was a lavish event attended by royalty from around the world.
15. The ballroom was adorned with chandeliers for the elegant gala.
16. The fashion gala showcased the latest trends on the runway.
17. She received a standing ovation at the music industry gala.
18. The grand gala marked the company's 50th anniversary.
19. The black-tie gala required attendees to dress in their finest attire.
20. The celebrity chef prepared a delectable menu for the gala.
21. The New Year's Eve gala was a night of fireworks and celebration.
22. The philanthropic gala supported various charitable organizations.
23. The presidential gala celebrated the nation's achievements.
24. The cultural gala featured performances from diverse backgrounds.
25. The winter gala was a magical evening with ice sculptures and carolers.



celebration, funeral, mourning, grief


Community and Society, Occasions and Occurrences, Social Hierarchy and Relationships, Celebration and Festivities

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