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How to pronounce garbled (audio)

Dictionary definition of garbled

Unclear, jumbled, or distorted, usually referring to speech, writing, or communication.
"The radio transmission was so garbled that I couldn't make out a single word."

Detailed meaning of garbled

When information or messages are garbled, they become muddled or unintelligible, making it difficult to understand their intended meaning. This can occur due to various reasons such as technical issues, poor reception, language barriers, or errors in transmission. A garbled message may contain mixed-up or scrambled words, incorrect grammar, or incomplete sentences, leading to confusion and misinterpretation. The resulting communication may be incoherent or lacking clarity, hindering effective comprehension and conveying a clear message. In essence, the term "garbled" highlights a state of confusion or disorder within the information being conveyed, often requiring additional effort to decipher or untangle for accurate understanding.

Example sentences containing garbled

1. Her garbled explanation made no sense to anyone in the room.
2. After waking up, his speech was still garbled from the medication he had taken.
3. The garbled text message, full of typos, left us all puzzled.
4. His notes were a garbled mess, making it impossible to discern any useful information.
5. The phone connection was terrible, and her voice came through in garbled fragments.
6. The garbled audio recording left the detectives with very little to work with.

History and etymology of garbled

The adjective 'garbled' finds its etymological origins in the Middle English word 'garbelen,' which meant 'to remove impurities from spices or herbs.' This Middle English term is believed to have been influenced by the Old French word 'garbeler,' which had a similar meaning. Over time, the term 'garble' shifted in meaning to refer to the process of sorting or sifting things to separate the good from the bad. From there, it acquired a figurative sense, describing information or communication that is unclear, jumbled, or distorted due to errors or confusion. The etymology of 'garbled' thus reflects its historical connection to the idea of separating or sifting through information, which eventually led to its use in describing muddled or distorted speech, writing, or communication.

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Further usage examples of garbled

1. His excitement was so overwhelming that his words came out in a garbled rush.
2. The reception on the old TV was poor, and the sound was so garbled that it ruined the show.
3. The foreign language, combined with static, created a garbled cacophony over the loudspeakers.
4. His garbled rendition of the national anthem left the audience feeling rather confused.
5. The ancient manuscript was full of garbled text and cryptic symbols, challenging historians to decode its meaning.
6. Her garbled message left us puzzled and confused, seeking clarity.
7. The garbled transcript made the conversation hard to follow, frustrating everyone.
8. The static made his voice sound garbled on the call, causing communication issues.
9. His garbled explanation only deepened the mystery, leaving us more uncertain.
10. The garbled text was a result of a faulty keyboard, causing typing errors.
11. She tried to speak, but her words came out garbled, leading to miscommunication.
12. The garbled instructions led to a botched assembly, resulting in confusion.
13. The garbled signal disrupted the radio broadcast, angering the listeners.
14. His garbled speech hinted at hidden emotions, making it difficult to understand him.
15. The garbled code caused software errors to occur, impacting functionality.
16. The garbled notes in the melody created an eerie vibe, unsettling the audience.
17. The garbled announcement caused chaos at the airport, leading to delays.
18. His garbled excuse failed to convince anyone, raising suspicions.
19. The garbled translation lost the original meaning, distorting the message.
20. The garbled script left the actors bewildered, affecting their performance.
21. Her garbled apology didn't mend the relationship, leaving things unresolved.
22. The garbled news report caused misinformation, spreading confusion.
23. The garbled message was a result of poor reception, hindering communication.
24. His garbled testimony cast doubt on his credibility, raising questions.
25. The garbled signal disrupted the video conference, causing frustration.



distorted, clear, coherent, articulate


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