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Definition of 'gargantuan'

Of enormous size or magnitude.
"The gargantuan cruise ship towered over the dock, casting a shadow on the entire harbor."

Detailed Meaning of 'gargantuan'

It evokes a sense of immense scale and often implies an overwhelming or colossal nature. When applied to an object or entity, such as a building, a creature, or a project, it signifies an extraordinary and awe-inspiring dimension. The term "gargantuan" goes beyond merely being large or big, as it conveys a sense of sheer grandeur and magnitude that is hard to fathom. It captures the attention and imagination, invoking a feeling of astonishment and dwarfing everything else in its presence. Whether referring to a gargantuan skyscraper reaching for the heavens, a gargantuan whale majestically gliding through the oceans, or a gargantuan undertaking that requires immense resources and effort, this adjective signifies an extraordinary scale that commands respect and captivates the mind.


Examples of 'gargantuan' in a Sentence

1. The explorer was in awe of the gargantuan mountain range that stretched as far as the eye could see.
2. The construction team marveled at the gargantuan dimensions of the skyscraper they were tasked with building.
3. The scientist discovered a fossilized bone from a gargantuan prehistoric creature that roamed the earth millions of years ago.
4. The crowd gasped as the gargantuan fireworks display illuminated the night sky with a brilliant array of colors.
5. The billionaire's mansion featured a gargantuan swimming pool that could accommodate dozens of people at once.
6. The library housed a gargantuan collection of books, spanning countless shelves and genres.

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Origins & Etymology of 'gargantuan'

The adjective 'gargantuan' is derived from the name of a fictional giant in the 16th-century French satire 'Gargantua' by François Rabelais. The character Gargantua was known for his immense size and insatiable appetite, often depicted as a colossal figure. The term 'gargantuan' itself began to be used in English to describe things of enormous size or magnitude, drawing upon the exaggerated and larger-than-life characteristics of the literary giant. The etymology of 'gargantuan' thus reflects its historical association with the legendary size and grandiosity of the character Gargantua, making it a fitting word to describe anything of truly colossal proportions.


How to pronounce gargantuan (audio)


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