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How to pronounce gear (audio)


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Dictionary definition of gear

A broad range of equipment, tools, or apparatuses designed for specific tasks or activities.
"The hiker packed his camping gear for the weekend adventure in the mountains."

Detailed meaning of gear

It encompasses various mechanical, electronic, or technological devices used in different contexts, such as machinery, sports, and outdoor pursuits. In the context of machinery, gear typically pertains to the toothed components that transmit power or motion between different parts, allowing for the efficient transfer of energy and enabling the operation of complex systems. Gears are essential in numerous applications, ranging from the intricate mechanisms of watches and clocks to the intricate gearboxes of automobiles and industrial machinery. In sports and outdoor activities, gear encompasses the specialized equipment, attire, or accessories required to participate, excel, or remain safe, such as sports gear, camping gear, hiking gear, or scuba diving gear. Overall, gear represents the tools and equipment that facilitate specific functions, enabling individuals to accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently within their respective domains.

Example sentences containing gear

1. The mechanic carefully inspected the gears in the car's transmission.
2. The cyclist adjusted the gear on his bike to tackle the steep hill.
3. The scuba diver donned her diving gear before plunging into the ocean depths.
4. The rock climber checked his safety gear before attempting the challenging ascent.
5. The engineer designed a new gear system for the industrial machinery to improve efficiency.
6. The photographer packed his camera gear for the photo shoot in the wilderness.

History and etymology of gear

The noun 'gear' has its etymological roots in the Old Norse word 'gervi,' which referred to 'equipment' or 'clothing.' This term was influenced by the Old English word 'gearwe,' meaning 'prepared' or 'ready.' Over time, 'gear' evolved to encompass a broad range of equipment, tools, or apparatuses designed for specific tasks or activities. The etymology of 'gear' reflects its historical association with preparedness and readiness, highlighting the importance of having the right equipment and tools at hand to engage in various tasks effectively. It has become a versatile term that encompasses everything from mechanical gears used in machinery to the clothing and equipment needed for outdoor activities.

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Further usage examples of gear

1. The skier rented the necessary gear, including skis, boots, and poles, for the ski trip.
2. The musician carefully selected his gear, including guitars, amplifiers, and pedals, for the upcoming concert.
3. The astronaut donned the space gear before stepping out of the spacecraft.
4. The motorcyclist wore protective gear, including a helmet, gloves, and leather jacket, for the ride.
5. The fisherman prepared his fishing gear, including rods, reels, and bait, for a day on the lake.
6. His camping gear includes a sturdy tent and sleeping bag.
7. The mechanic carefully organized his tools and gear.
8. She adjusted the camera gear for the perfect shot.
9. The mountaineers packed essential climbing gear.
10. My fishing gear consists of rods, reels, and lures.
11. The hiker's backpack held all the necessary gear.
12. He upgraded his kitchen gear with new appliances.
13. The scuba divers checked their diving gear.
14. The musician tuned his guitar and checked his gear.
15. She donned protective gear for the welding job.
16. The cyclist's gear includes a helmet and gloves.
17. They stored the camping gear in the garage.
18. The firefighter rushed to put on his protective gear.
19. The chef's gear includes knives and utensils.
20. The detective examined forensic investigation gear.
21. The photographer carried a variety of camera gear.
22. The camping store sells high-quality outdoor gear.
23. The astronaut's gear is designed for space travel.
24. He invested in top-notch fishing gear.
25. The car enthusiast collected vintage automotive gear.



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