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How to pronounce outfit (audio)


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Dictionary definition of outfit

A set of clothing or garments worn together as a coordinated ensemble, typically including items such as a top, bottom, and accessories.
"The cowboy's outfit included a hat, boots, and a leather jacket."


Detailed meaning of outfit

In this sense, an outfit represents a complete clothing combination for a particular occasion or purpose. Secondly, "outfit" can also refer to a group of people working together as a team or organization, often with a specific purpose or goal. For instance, a military outfit refers to a unit or division of soldiers. Additionally, "outfit" can be used to describe a company or business enterprise, especially in the retail industry. It denotes a particular company or establishment known for its products, services, or expertise. Lastly, in a more colloquial sense, "outfit" can refer to a collection of equipment or tools needed for a specific task or activity, such as a camping outfit or a fishing outfit. Overall, the noun "outfit" encompasses the meanings of a clothing ensemble, a group of people, a business entity, and a collection of specialized tools or equipment.

Example sentences containing outfit

1. She put together a stylish outfit for the party, complete with a matching dress and accessories.
2. The military outfit conducted a training exercise in the field.
3. The retail outfit specializes in high-end fashion and luxury brands.
4. The dance outfit performed an impressive routine at the competition.
5. He packed his camping outfit, including a tent, sleeping bag, and cooking supplies.
6. The fashion-forward outfit showcased their latest collection on the runway.

History and etymology of outfit

The noun 'outfit' has an interesting etymology rooted in the Old English word 'utfyttan,' where 'utfyttan' comprised two elements: 'ut,' meaning 'out,' and 'fyttan,' which translates to 'to put' or 'to equip.' Over time, this word evolved, and during the 17th century, it transformed into 'outfit' in the sense we now know it, referring to a set of clothing or garments worn together as a coordinated ensemble. This etymological journey reflects the idea of equipping oneself with a complete set of clothing, including tops, bottoms, and accessories, to create a cohesive and coordinated look.

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Further usage examples of outfit

1. The rescue outfit quickly responded to the emergency call and provided assistance.
2. The outfit of detectives worked together to solve the complex case.
3. She wore a professional outfit for the job interview to make a good impression.
4. The fishing outfit consisted of fishing rods, reels, and various types of bait.
5. The historical reenactment group wore period-appropriate outfits to bring history to life.
6. She chose a stylish outfit for the party tonight.
7. His superhero costume was the perfect outfit for the event.
8. She laid out her workout outfit for the morning gym session.
9. The bride wore a beautiful white outfit on her wedding day.
10. He needed a new outfit for the job interview.
11. The detective examined the suspect's outfit for clues.
12. Her winter outfit included a cozy sweater and boots.
13. They coordinated their outfits for the group photo.
14. He dressed up in a fancy outfit for the gala.
15. She put together a casual outfit for a day at the park.
16. His Halloween outfit was both spooky and creative.
17. The team wore matching outfits for the competition.
18. The fashion designer showcased a stunning outfit on the runway.
19. She had a unique sense of style, creating eclectic outfits.
20. He admired her outfit and complimented her fashion sense.
21. The actor donned an elaborate outfit for the costume party.
22. She packed a versatile outfit for her weekend getaway.
23. The rock band wore leather outfits for their performance.
24. His traditional outfit represented his cultural heritage.
25. The athlete's training outfit was designed for peak performance.



ensemble, mismatch, disarray, jumble


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