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How to pronounce gross (audio)


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Dictionary definition of gross

Unpleasant, disgusting, or offensive to the senses.
"The smell coming from the garbage bin was absolutely gross."


Detailed meaning of gross

It typically refers to things that are visually or morally repulsive, causing a strong feeling of aversion or revulsion. When something is described as gross, it often implies that it is distasteful, crude, or inappropriate. This word can be used to express a strong negative reaction to something, whether it's an unsightly sight, an offensive behavior, or an unpleasant odor. Overall, the term "gross" conveys a sense of extreme unpleasantness or offensiveness, often triggering a visceral and instinctive repulsion.

Example sentences containing gross

1. I can't believe you ate that spoiled food—it's so gross!
2. The bathroom was in a gross state, with dirty towels strewn all over the floor.
3. I accidentally stepped on something squishy and it was gross.
4. The sight of a cockroach crawling on the kitchen counter was gross.
5. The movie had a lot of gross scenes that made me cringe.
6. I had to clean out the fridge because there was some gross mold growing on the leftovers.

History and etymology of gross

The adjective 'gross' has its origins in Middle English, where it was originally spelled as 'groos' and meant 'thick' or 'coarse.' It can be traced back further to the Old French word 'gros,' which shared a similar meaning. The Old French term 'gros' was derived from the Late Latin word 'grossus,' which also meant 'thick' or 'coarse.' Over time, the sense of thickness and coarseness evolved to encompass things that were unpleasant, disgusting, or offensive to the senses due to their excessive or exaggerated nature. Thus, 'gross' came to describe things that are objectionable or offensive, often in the context of taste, behavior, or appearance. This transition in meaning reflects how the word has retained its connection to the idea of excessiveness and coarseness in various aspects of life.

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Further usage examples of gross

1. My little brother loves telling gross jokes that make everyone groan.
2. I accidentally touched something slimy in the pond, and it was really gross.
3. The taste of the spoiled milk was gross—I had to spit it out immediately.
4. The horror movie had a gross twist ending that left me feeling unsettled.
5. It was hard to watch the gross surgery scene in the medical TV show.
6. The stench from the garbage can in the summer heat was absolutely gross.
7. When I spilled red wine on my favorite shirt, it left a gross, indelible stain.
8. The low-budget horror movie had some really gross and unsettling special effects.
9. I couldn't use the public restroom because it was in such a gross, unsanitary state.
10. His gross exaggeration of the situation only added to the confusion.
11. I couldn't eat the cafeteria's offering; it looked and tasted like a gross, undercooked mess.
12. The stagnant pond water had a gross, murky appearance that made swimming unappealing.
13. Her comments about my appearance were not just hurtful but also incredibly gross.
14. The foul, gross smell of spoiled milk in the fridge hit me as soon as I opened the door.
15. The horror movie had scenes with gross and grotesque creatures that haunted my dreams.
16. I had to throw out the loaf of bread because it was covered in gross, green mold.
17. His gross behavior at the party, including inappropriate remarks, left everyone uncomfortable.
18. The children refused to take the medicine because of its gross taste and texture.
19. The pile of dirty dishes in the sink had become a breeding ground for gross bacteria.
20. The gym locker room was in such a gross state that I hesitated to change there.
21. The offensive graffiti on the wall was not only ugly but also grossly inappropriate.
22. Cleaning up after the cat's hairball was a gross and unpleasant task.
23. The experience of using public transportation during rush hour can be grossly uncomfortable.
24. The gross odor emanating from the spoiled food in the fridge was nauseating.
25. I can't tolerate the gross texture of slimy foods like okra and eggplant.



repulsive, attractive, pleasant, appealing


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