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How to pronounce grumble (audio)

Dictionary definition of grumble

To complain or express discontent in a low, muttering, or discontented manner.
"The customers began to grumble about the long waiting time at the restaurant."

Detailed meaning of grumble

It involves voicing one's dissatisfaction or annoyance about a particular situation, circumstance, or event. When someone grumbles, they may do so audibly or under their breath, often conveying a sense of displeasure, irritation, or frustration. This verb is commonly used to describe the act of murmuring or grumbling in a dissatisfied manner, typically in response to something perceived as negative, inconvenient, or unfair. Grumbling can serve as an outlet for expressing discontent, but it may also reflect a person's dissatisfaction without necessarily taking any action to address or resolve the underlying issue.

Example sentences containing grumble

1. Every morning, I grumble about the cold weather as I leave my warm bed.
2. She would often grumble about her boss's unfair treatment.
3. "I don't like vegetables," he would grumble during dinner.
4. When the bills arrive, my dad tends to grumble about the increasing cost of living.
5. They grumble about their neighbors' loud music late at night.
6. Despite her accomplishments, she would grumble about not being good enough.

History and etymology of grumble

The verb 'grumble' has its origins in Middle English, where it was spelled as 'grumbelen.' It can be traced back to the Old French word 'grommeler,' which meant 'to mutter' or 'to grumble.' The Old French term, in turn, is believed to be onomatopoeic, imitating the low, rumbling sounds often associated with grumbling or muttering. The etymology of 'grumble' emphasizes the manner in which discontent or complaint is expressed—in a low, murmuring, or discontented way. This word has retained its connection to the act of expressing dissatisfaction or annoyance with a subtle, grumbling tone, making it an apt term for describing this particular mode of complaint or discontent.

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Further usage examples of grumble

1. The fans started to grumble as the team missed another goal.
2. The students grumble about the amount of homework their teacher assigns.
3. Every time it rains, you grumble about the weather.
4. My sister always seems to grumble about the lack of variety in our meals.
5. We grumble about traffic during our daily commute.
6. The dog would grumble at the mailman whenever he approached the house.
7. Why do you always grumble about the chores, yet never help out?
8. The mechanic continued to grumble as he worked on the problematic engine.
9. Tourists grumble about the high prices in the city center.
10. The old man would grumble about the loss of traditional values.
11. After a long day, employees often grumble about their workload.
12. "It's too early," she would grumble, hitting the snooze button repeatedly.
13. My colleagues grumble about the lack of coffee in the office.
14. The crowd began to grumble when the concert was delayed.



complain, praise, commend, applaud


Annoyance and Irritation, Complaint and Discontent, Criticism and Censure

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