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How to pronounce halfhearted (audio)


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Dictionary definition of halfhearted

Lacking enthusiasm, commitment, or sincere effort.
"His halfhearted apology didn't convince anyone of his sincerity."

Detailed meaning of halfhearted

It signifies a lack of wholeheartedness or genuine dedication towards a task, goal, or action. When someone or something is described as halfhearted, it suggests a lack of passion, energy, or belief in what they are doing. It can manifest as a lack of interest, minimal effort, or a general sense of indifference. A halfhearted approach often results in subpar results or an incomplete fulfillment of responsibilities. It may stem from a lack of motivation, disillusionment, or a feeling of being uninvested in the outcome. Overall, the term "halfhearted" characterizes a lack of wholehearted commitment and suggests a lackluster or tepid attitude towards a given endeavor.

Example sentences containing halfhearted

1. She made a halfhearted attempt to clean her room, only straightening a few items before giving up.
2. The team's performance was lackluster, filled with halfhearted attempts and minimal effort.
3. The student handed in a halfhearted assignment, reflecting a lack of interest in the subject.
4. The audience gave a halfhearted applause, unimpressed by the uninspiring performance.
5. Despite his halfhearted promises, he never followed through on his commitments.
6. The company's halfhearted response to customer complaints resulted in a decline in reputation.

History and etymology of halfhearted

The adjective 'halfhearted' has a straightforward etymology that reflects its meaning. It is formed by combining 'half' and 'hearted.' The word 'half' denotes an incomplete or partial state, while 'hearted' is derived from the noun 'heart,' symbolizing one's emotions, sincerity, and enthusiasm. When combined, 'halfhearted' literally means having only half or a partial amount of heart, indicating a lack of wholeheartedness, enthusiasm, or commitment in one's efforts or actions. It succinctly conveys the idea of a lackluster or insincere approach to a task or endeavor, making its etymology directly align with its definition.

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Further usage examples of halfhearted

1. She approached the task with a halfhearted attitude, leading to mediocre results.
2. The politician's halfhearted speech failed to resonate with the crowd.
3. The team's halfhearted defense allowed the opposing team to score easily.
4. His halfhearted attempt at cooking resulted in a bland and tasteless meal.
5. The student gave a halfhearted attempt at studying for the exam, resulting in a poor grade.
6. The employee's halfhearted effort led to missed deadlines and incomplete projects.
7. Despite their halfhearted training, the athletes managed to win the competition.
8. The company's halfhearted marketing campaign failed to generate significant interest in their product.
9. She approached the negotiation with a halfhearted approach, resulting in an unfavorable deal.
10. The students participated in the group project with a halfhearted attitude, leading to a disorganized and ineffective outcome.
11. His halfhearted commitment to the relationship caused constant strain and dissatisfaction.
12. The artist's halfhearted brushstrokes lacked the passion and depth of their previous works.
13. The manager's halfhearted attempt at team building only resulted in further disengagement among the employees.
14. Her halfhearted attempt at the project was evident in the results.
15. The team's halfhearted performance disappointed their coach.
16. He gave a halfhearted apology, not truly acknowledging his mistake.
17. The audience could sense her halfhearted enthusiasm on stage.
18. The company's halfhearted response to the issue left customers unsatisfied.
19. His halfhearted smile didn't hide his true feelings.
20. The employee's halfhearted effort showed in the unfinished work.
21. She made a halfhearted attempt to mend their strained relationship.
22. The team's halfhearted defense allowed the opposing team to score.
23. Their halfhearted commitment to the cause hindered progress.
24. A halfhearted approach rarely leads to success in any endeavor.



indifferent, enthusiastic, passionate, dedicated


High School 17, Apathy and Indifference, Temperament and Disposition

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