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bulky, insubstantial, light, weightless


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How to pronounce hefty (audio)


Dictionary definition of hefty

Large, heavy, or substantial in size, weight, or significance.
"The company faced a hefty fine for violating environmental regulations."

Detailed meaning of hefty

When we use the term "hefty," we often refer to objects or quantities that possess considerable mass or bulk. It suggests a substantial and weighty nature, conveying a sense of solidity or robustness. For example, a hefty book might refer to a tome with a large number of pages or a significant physical weight. Likewise, a hefty meal implies a generous portion size or a meal that leaves one feeling pleasantly full. Beyond physical attributes, "hefty" can also describe things that are substantial in terms of importance or impact. A hefty price tag indicates a significant cost or expense, while a hefty responsibility suggests a substantial and weighty duty or obligation. Overall, "hefty" conveys a sense of substantiality, whether it pertains to physical size, weight, or the importance and magnitude of something.

Example sentences containing hefty

1. The construction workers lifted the hefty steel beams with great effort.
2. She carried a hefty bag of groceries up the stairs.
3. The football player had a hefty build, making him difficult to tackle.
4. He ordered a hefty steak for dinner, eager to satisfy his appetite.
5. The hiker packed a hefty backpack filled with supplies for the long trek.
6. The project required a hefty investment of time and resources.

History and etymology of hefty

The adjective 'hefty' has its origins in the word 'heft,' which was initially a noun used in the 17th century to describe the act of lifting or heaving something heavy. 'Heft' itself likely comes from the Old English word 'hebban,' meaning 'to lift' or 'to raise.' Over time, the concept of lifting something heavy evolved to describe something that is large, heavy, or substantial in size, weight, or significance. The transition from 'heft' to 'hefty' reflects how language adapts and expands its meanings to capture new nuances, making 'hefty' a suitable term to describe something of considerable size, weight, or importance in modern English.

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Further usage examples of hefty

1. She received a hefty paycheck for her overtime work.
2. The novel had a hefty price tag due to its limited edition and exquisite binding.
3. He lifted a hefty dumbbell to strengthen his muscles.
4. The old oak tree provided shade with its hefty branches.
5. The team celebrated their victory with a hefty round of applause.
6. He struggled to lift the hefty suitcase into the overhead compartment.
7. The hefty bookshelf held a vast collection of novels.
8. The repair bill came with a hefty price tag.
9. She received a hefty raise after her promotion.
10. The hefty lunch left him feeling full for hours.
11. The boxer had a hefty build and was a formidable opponent.
12. The company faced a hefty fine for environmental violations.
13. The hefty snowfall brought a winter wonderland to the town.
14. The team faced a hefty challenge in the championship game.
15. His hefty investment in the stock market paid off handsomely.
16. The hefty workload required overtime to complete.
17. The hearty stew included a hefty portion of vegetables.
18. The hefty tree trunk proved difficult to move.
19. Her hefty backpack contained all the essentials for camping.
20. The storm left a hefty layer of snow on the roads.
21. The hefty deposit was required to secure the rental property.
22. The company donated a hefty sum to the local charity.
23. The project's success was due to their hefty dedication.
24. The hefty bouncer at the club ensured a safe atmosphere.
25. The athlete's hefty record-breaking throw amazed spectators.

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