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How to pronounce heinous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of heinous

Extremely wicked or evil, typically used to describe criminal acts or moral offenses.
"The kidnapper's heinous actions left a lasting trauma on the victim."

Detailed meaning of heinous

For example, you can say "The kidnapper's actions were heinous, and he was punished accordingly." Or "The crime committed was heinous and it shocked the entire nation."

It can be used to describe a wide range of things, but it is often associated with acts such as murder, rape, and child abuse, which are considered to be particularly heinous and repugnant.

The term has a strong negative connotation, a very serious and disgusting feature, making it a very strong adjective to describe something or someone with a lot of condemnation.

Example sentences containing heinous

1. The heinous crime shocked the entire community, leaving scars that may never heal.
2. His heinous betrayal of trust shattered lifelong friendships irreparably.
3. The heinous act of violence haunted her dreams, causing sleepless nights.
4. Society must condemn such heinous acts and seek justice for the victims.
5. The courtroom was filled with tension as the details of the heinous murder were revealed.
6. His heinous lies tarnished his reputation, and he was shunned by those who once trusted him.

History and etymology of heinous

The adjective 'heinous' draws its etymological roots from the Latin word 'hānus,' which means 'hateful' or 'odious.' This term evolved through Old French as 'hainous' before adopting its modern spelling, 'heinous.' The essence of its origin lies in expressing a profound sense of hatred or repulsion towards something. Over time, 'heinous' came to describe acts or behaviors that were not just morally reprehensible but also evoked a strong sense of disgust and abhorrence. Hence, the etymology of 'heinous' underscores its connection to extreme wickedness and evil, particularly in the context of heinous criminal acts or grave moral offenses, reflecting the deep-seated aversion and condemnation associated with such actions.

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Further usage examples of heinous

1. The heinous cruelty inflicted on innocent animals sparked outrage across the nation.
2. In the darkest corners of the city, heinous crimes often went unnoticed by the authorities.
3. The heinous scheme to defraud vulnerable individuals left a trail of devastation in its wake.
4. The world united in condemning the heinous act of terrorism that claimed so many innocent lives.
5. Despite his heinous deeds, he showed no remorse, leaving no room for redemption.
6. The serial killer committed a heinous crime that shocked the entire community.
7. The dictator's heinous acts of oppression led to widespread suffering.
8. The terrorist attack was a heinous act of violence against innocent civilians.
9. The corrupt politician was involved in a heinous scheme to embezzle public funds.
10. The rapist was sentenced to life in prison for his heinous assault on the victim.
11. The arsonist set fire to the historic building, causing a heinous act of destruction.
12. The murderer showed no remorse for his heinous act and received the maximum sentence.
13. The child abuser committed heinous acts that scarred the lives of the victims.
14. The human trafficker engaged in heinous crimes, exploiting vulnerable individuals.
15. The genocidal leader orchestrated a heinous campaign of ethnic cleansing.
16. The drug lord was responsible for a heinous operation that devastated countless lives.
17. The cult leader's heinous manipulation of his followers resulted in tragic outcomes.
18. The war criminal was held accountable for his heinous actions against humanity.
19. The corrupt police officer engaged in heinous acts of bribery and extortion.
20. The hitman carried out heinous acts on behalf of the criminal organization.
21. The online predator engaged in heinous activities, targeting young children.
22. The animal abuser was arrested for his heinous treatment of innocent creatures.
23. The human rights violator committed heinous atrocities against marginalized communities.
24. The sadistic killer's heinous deeds were documented in a chilling true crime story.



atrocious, noble, virtuous, commendable


GRE 4 (Graduate Record Examination), Damage and Destruction, Decay and Degeneration, Disdain and Contempt, Degenerate and Deplorable

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