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symbolic, official, salaried, paid


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How to pronounce honorary (audio)


Dictionary definition of honorary

Pertaining to a title, position, or distinction conferred upon someone as a mark of recognition, respect, or tribute.
"She was invited to be an honorary speaker at the conference due to her expertise in the subject."

Detailed meaning of honorary

It is used to describe a privilege, membership, or status that is granted as an honor rather than being acquired through normal qualifications or requirements. When someone is referred to as honorary, it indicates that they have been given a special recognition or distinction due to their achievements, contributions, or affiliations, often within a particular organization or community. The honorary designation is typically bestowed as a symbolic gesture to acknowledge an individual's exceptional merits, service, or association, even if they do not hold the formal responsibilities or obligations typically associated with the title or position. It carries an inherent sense of prestige and reverence, underscoring the esteem and appreciation held for the recipient.

Example sentences containing honorary

1. She was granted an honorary degree for her outstanding contributions to the field of medicine.
2. As an honorary member of the club, he enjoyed all the privileges and benefits.
3. The university awarded him an honorary professorship in recognition of his groundbreaking research.
4. The esteemed guest was given an honorary title in appreciation of his philanthropic efforts.
5. The organization presented him with an honorary plaque for his years of dedicated service.
6. They bestowed him with an honorary citizenship to recognize his exceptional cultural contributions.

History and etymology of honorary

The term 'honorary' has its roots in the Latin word 'honorarius,' which is derived from 'honor,' meaning 'honor' or 'esteem.' In ancient Rome, an 'honorarius' was someone who received honors or distinctions, often in the form of titles or privileges, as a mark of respect or recognition for their achievements or contributions. Over time, this concept evolved into the adjective 'honorary,' which describes something that is conferred upon someone as a mark of recognition, respect, or tribute, without necessarily being based on the individual's official qualifications or duties.

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Further usage examples of honorary

1. The museum curator was granted an honorary curatorship for her extensive knowledge and expertise.
2. In a special ceremony, she was named an honorary ambassador for her diplomatic achievements.
3. The renowned actor received an honorary Oscar for his lifetime of outstanding performances.
4. As an honorary patron of the charity, she actively supported its initiatives and fundraising efforts.
5. The company appointed him as an honorary chairman to honor his exceptional leadership and guidance.
6. She received an honorary degree for her contributions to science.
7. His honorary title as ambassador allowed him to represent the nation.
8. The mayor presented an honorary plaque to the retiring firefighter.
9. Being named an honorary member was a great honor for her.
10. The university bestowed an honorary professorship upon the author.
11. An honorary reception was held in recognition of their achievements.
12. He attended the event as an honorary guest of the organization.
13. She was given an honorary award for her lifelong dedication.
14. The club named him an honorary captain for his leadership.
15. The team presented him with an honorary championship ring.
16. Being an honorary trustee carried great responsibility.
17. An honorary knighthood was bestowed upon the renowned actor.
18. The honorary chairman of the committee offered his support.
19. They granted her an honorary membership in the society.
20. The event featured an honorary tribute to the fallen heroes.
21. The distinguished scientist was given an honorary fellowship.
22. The king named him an honorary ambassador to the neighboring kingdom.
23. An honorary position allowed him to serve without official duties.
24. The ceremony included an honorary salute to the veterans.
25. The university's library was named in his honor as an honorary gesture.

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