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How to pronounce humane (audio)


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Dictionary definition of humane

Reflecting compassion, kindness, and consideration towards others, particularly towards humans and animals.
"The organization's mission is to promote humane treatment of animals through education and advocacy."

Detailed meaning of humane

It signifies an ethical approach that values the welfare and well-being of living beings, showing empathy and understanding. A humane person or action displays a genuine concern for alleviating suffering, promoting fairness, and upholding justice. In the context of society, a humane approach emphasizes treating individuals with dignity and respect, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances. It encompasses principles such as empathy, fairness, and the promotion of basic rights and needs. Being humane involves recognizing the inherent value of life and actively working towards creating a more compassionate and just world. It is an essential aspect of fostering empathy and building harmonious relationships, reflecting an understanding that all beings are deserving of compassion and care.

Example sentences containing humane

1. The doctor's compassionate and humane approach brought comfort to her patients.
2. The humane decision to adopt a rescue dog instead of purchasing one from a breeder helped save a life.
3. The humane society provides shelter and care for abandoned animals in need.
4. It is essential to ensure that prisoners are treated in a humane manner, respecting their basic rights.
5. The humane treatment of workers includes fair wages, safe working conditions, and reasonable hours.
6. The organization's humane efforts to alleviate poverty focus on providing access to education and healthcare.

History and etymology of humane

The adjective 'humane' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'humanus,' which is derived from 'homo,' meaning 'man' or 'human being.' In its original Latin form, 'humanus' encompassed qualities and characteristics associated with being human, such as compassion, kindness, and consideration. It emphasized the aspects of humanity that set humans apart from other creatures, including the capacity for empathy and moral consciousness. Over time, 'humane' evolved in English to describe a quality or attitude that reflects compassion, kindness, and consideration towards both humans and animals. It conveys the idea of treating others with empathy and dignity, highlighting the moral and ethical dimensions of human behavior. The etymology of 'humane' underscores its deep connection to the fundamental principles of compassion and kindness that define our humanity.

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Further usage examples of humane

1. The humane approach to immigration involves treating individuals with respect and dignity.
2. The humane euthanasia of terminally ill patients respects their wishes and alleviates their suffering.
3. The humane response to natural disasters includes providing emergency relief and support to affected communities.
4. The humane choice to opt for cruelty-free products supports ethical and sustainable practices.
5. The humane law enforcement officer ensures the protection and well-being of vulnerable populations.
6. His humane response to the crisis showed his compassion for those affected.
7. The humane treatment of animals is a fundamental ethical principle.
8. Her humane approach to leadership inspired loyalty among her team.
9. The organization is known for its humane efforts to help the homeless.
10. The humane society works tirelessly to rescue and care for animals.
11. A humane society promotes kindness and empathy in the community.
12. We must strive for more humane policies in our criminal justice system.
13. The humane treatment of prisoners is a measure of a just society.
14. His humane act of donating his kidney saved a stranger's life.
15. Humane education instills empathy and compassion in young minds.
16. The humane handling of livestock is essential in agriculture.
17. Her humane gesture of donating to the food bank helped many families.
18. A humane approach to healthcare considers the needs of all patients.
19. We should support humane immigration policies that respect human rights.
20. The humane euthanasia of suffering pets is a difficult but necessary decision.
21. His humane philosophy guided his work in social services.
22. A humane response to disaster relief prioritizes helping the most vulnerable.
23. Humane choices in fashion avoid products made with animal cruelty.
24. The humane treatment of prisoners is a mark of a civilized society.
25. Teaching children about humane values fosters a more compassionate world.



compassionate, cruel, inhumane, heartless


Excellence and Virtue, Alleviation and Relief, Care and Nurture, Conservation and Protection, Empathy and Compassion

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