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hurry, dawdle, linger, loiter



How to pronounce bustle (audio)

Dictionary definition of bustle

To move around quickly and energetically, often with a sense of urgency or purpose.
"The streets bustle with activity during the summer festival."

Detailed meaning of bustle

It can also imply a sense of bustling activity or noise in a particular place, such as a crowded market or a busy street. To bustle around can mean to hurry and complete various tasks or to make preparations for a specific event or activity. Additionally, "bustle" can refer to the act of hustling or pushing one's way through a crowd or a tight space. The term "bustle" connotes a sense of busyness, energy, and purposeful movement, often in a crowded or bustling environment.

Example sentences of bustle

1. On weekends, the cafes bustle with patrons eager for a leisurely brunch.
2. Marketplaces bustle with buyers and sellers haggling over fresh produce.
3. In the mornings, the subway stations bustle with commuters.
4. Cities that never sleep, like New York, bustle 24/7.
5. During the holidays, shopping malls bustle with gift seekers.
6. When the sun sets, night markets bustle with energy.

History and etymology of bustle

The verb 'bustle' has its etymological roots in the Middle English word 'bustelen,' which means 'to hurry' or 'move energetically.' Its precise origins are somewhat obscure, but 'bustle' came into common usage in the 16th century. To 'bustle' means to move about briskly and with purpose, often conveying a sense of urgency or efficiency. The term reflects the idea of bustling activity, typically associated with a busy and bustling environment, such as a crowded city or a lively marketplace. 'Bustle' captures the essence of rapid and energetic movement, suggesting a dynamic and bustling atmosphere where people are engaged in various activities.

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Further usage examples of bustle

1. As tourists arrive, sleepy towns suddenly bustle with life.
2. After the rain, the park starts to bustle with joggers and dog walkers.
3. At the end of the month, the banks bustle with customers.
4. During concerts, the venues bustle with fans from all over the country.
5. In the spring, garden centers bustle with green-thumbed enthusiasts.
6. On opening day, the art galleries bustle with culture seekers.
7. During recess, school playgrounds bustle with children’s laughter and games.
8. The harbor bustle with sailors and fishermen in the early morning.
9. On game day, sports bars bustle with fans wearing their team’s colors.
10. The moment the doors open, the convention center will bustle with excited attendees.
11. When school’s out, libraries bustle with students studying for exams.
12. When the film festival is in town, the streets bustle with celebrities and paparazzi.
13. On Saturdays, the farmers' market bustle with people in search of organic goods.
14. In the morning, the market comes alive with vendors who bustle about.
15. The city streets bustle with people during rush hour.
16. Before the event, volunteers bustle around, setting up decorations.
17. The kitchen was a hive of activity as chefs bustled to prepare dinner.
18. Passengers bustle onto the train as it pulls into the station.
19. During the festival, the fairgrounds bustle with excitement.
20. Tourists bustle through the historic district, eager to explore.
21. The office bustles with employees completing their tasks.
22. As the deadline approaches, writers often bustle to finish their work.
23. The hospital emergency room is always bustling with activity.
24. In the morning rush, commuters bustle to catch their buses.



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