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How to pronounce hybrid (audio)


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Dictionary definition of hybrid

A combination of two or more different things, usually with the aim of creating something new and improved.
"The hybrid fabric blended silk and cotton for a luxurious feel."


Detailed meaning of hybrid

In the context of biology, it refers to an offspring produced by crossbreeding two different species, while in the context of vehicles, it refers to a car that combines an electric motor with a gasoline engine. The term can also be used more generally to describe any combination of different things, such as a hybrid culture that combines elements of different ethnic traditions. Hybridization is often seen as a way to create something that is stronger or more adaptable, bringing together the best features of each component to create a new and improved whole. In today's world, hybrid technology is being used in various fields, ranging from agriculture to engineering, in an effort to create more sustainable and efficient solutions.

Example sentences containing hybrid

1. The hybrid car combines both gasoline and electric power sources.
2. She adopted a lovable hybrid dog with a mix of breeds.
3. Hybrid plants are often bred for their unique characteristics.
4. The new laptop model is a hybrid that can be used as a tablet too.
5. The restaurant's menu offers a hybrid of Mexican and Italian cuisine.
6. The hybrid bike is designed for both on-road and off-road terrain.

History and etymology of hybrid

The noun 'hybrid' has its origins in Latin, specifically from the term 'hybrida,' which referred to the offspring of a tame sow and a wild boar. In ancient Rome, 'hybrida' was used metaphorically to describe anything that was the result of mixing or crossbreeding different elements, often with an implication of being of mixed or dubious origin. The word 'hybrid' eventually made its way into English, retaining its sense of combining two or more different things, usually with the intention of creating something new and potentially improved. The etymology of 'hybrid' underscores the idea of a blend or fusion, highlighting the mixing of diverse elements to produce novel and often innovative combinations.

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Further usage examples of hybrid

1. Hybrid bicycles are becoming increasingly popular for urban commuting.
2. The hybridization of music genres creates exciting new sounds.
3. The hybrid vehicle was incredibly fuel-efficient.
4. The scientist conducted experiments to develop a hybrid strain of rice.
5. The smartphone features a hybrid camera system for better photography.
6. The movie was a hybrid of comedy and drama.
7. The company's hybrid approach combines traditional and digital marketing strategies.
8. Hybrid seeds can produce crops with improved yield and resistance.
9. The hybrid car has regenerative braking to save energy.
10. The library offers a hybrid of physical and digital resources.
11. The hybrid rocket engine is a breakthrough in aerospace technology.
12. The plant displayed a beautiful bloom with hybrid flowers.
13. The hybridization of cultures in the city resulted in a rich tapestry of traditions.
14. The chef prepared a delicious hybrid dish, fusing Asian and European flavors.
15. The hybrid power system in the house includes both solar panels and a backup generator.
16. The hybrid watch combines classic design with smart features.
17. Hybrid learning combines in-person and online classes.
18. The artist created a hybrid art piece, merging painting and sculpture.
19. The company's new project is a hybrid of software and hardware development.
20. The hybrid car's silent electric mode offers a serene driving experience.



blend, purebred, original, uncombined


Complexity and Intricacy, Mystery and Mastery, Variety and Diversity, Biological and Geological Sciences, Materials and Substances

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