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mix, separate, divide, segregate



How to pronounce blend (audio)

Dictionary definition of blend

To combine or mix different elements or substances together to create a unified or harmonious whole.
"The architect designs buildings that blend modern and traditional elements."

Detailed meaning of blend

When something is blended, its components are integrated, merged, or fused together, often resulting in a seamless or homogeneous result. Blending can involve physical mixing, such as combining ingredients in cooking or stirring different paints to create a new color. It can also encompass the combining of ideas, styles, or concepts to create a cohesive or balanced outcome. In this sense, blending involves the integration of diverse elements to form a harmonious and unified composition. Blending can occur in various domains, including art, music, design, and even interpersonal relationships. It often requires a thoughtful and deliberate process to achieve a desired balance, consistency, or compatibility. Overall, the verb "blend" conveys the concept of combining or merging different elements to create a harmonious and integrated whole.

Example sentences of blend

1. The artist uses different colors to blend and create a beautiful masterpiece.
2. He likes to blend different genres of music to create a unique sound.
3. The fashion designer combines various fabrics to blend textures and patterns.
4. The makeup artist uses a brush to blend the foundation for a flawless finish.
5. The aromas from the kitchen blend together to create a mouthwatering scent.
6. The interior designer selects furniture and décor that blend harmoniously.

History and etymology of blend

The verb 'blend' draws its etymological roots from the Middle English word 'blenden,' which in turn was derived from the Old English word 'blendan.' This Old English term meant 'to mix' or 'to blend' and is related to the Proto-Germanic word 'blandan,' signifying the act of blending or mingling. Interestingly, the Proto-Germanic root can be traced back even further to the Proto-Indo-European base '*bʰlei-', which conveyed the idea of mixing or blending. The etymology of 'blend' thus underscores its ancient origins in the human practice of combining different elements or substances to achieve a unified or harmonious result, a concept that has persisted across languages and cultures throughout history.

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Further usage examples of blend

1. The photographer captures moments where colors blend harmoniously in nature.
2. The company's mission is to blend innovation and sustainability in their products.
3. The spices in the curry blend together to create a rich and aromatic flavor.
4. The sound engineer adjusts the levels to blend the instruments in the mix.
5. The painter uses a palette knife to blend the colors on the canvas.
6. The chef recommends using fresh herbs to blend flavors and enhance the dish.She used a blender to blend the fruits into a smoothie.
7. The colors in the painting beautifully blend together.
8. Let's blend the spices to create a flavorful sauce.
9. His skills seamlessly blend art and technology.
10. The aromas in the kitchen blend to create a mouthwatering scent.
11. They blend their voices in perfect harmony.
12. To achieve the right texture, blend the ingredients thoroughly.
13. The diverse cultures in the city blend harmoniously.
14. The flavors in this dish perfectly blend sweet and savory.
15. The music and visuals blend to create an immersive experience.
16. These colors don't blend well; we need a different palette.
17. The old and new architecture blend seamlessly in this city.
18. Blend these herbs to enhance the taste of the dish.
19. The fabrics in her design blend to create a stunning dress.
20. The flavors blend together to create a unique taste.
21. Let's blend the ingredients until they are fully incorporated.
22. The artists blend different mediums in their collaborative work.
23. Their personalities blend, making them a great team.
24. Blend the ingredients gently to avoid overmixing.
25. The scents in the garden blend to create a calming atmosphere.



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