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How to pronounce hygienic (audio)

Dictionary definition of hygienic

Practices, conditions, or products that promote cleanliness, health, and the prevention of disease.
"The hospital follows strict hygienic protocols to minimize the risk of infections."

Detailed meaning of hygienic

When something is hygienic, it means it adheres to principles and measures aimed at maintaining a high level of sanitation and hygiene. Hygienic practices involve regular cleaning, disinfection, and proper handling of substances to eliminate or minimize the presence of harmful microorganisms or contaminants. Hygienic conditions are essential in various settings, such as healthcare facilities, food preparation areas, and public spaces, to safeguard the well-being and safety of individuals. Hygienic products, such as hand sanitizers, antibacterial soaps, and sterilized medical instruments, are designed to minimize the transmission of germs and maintain a clean and healthy environment. The hygienic adjective underscores the importance of cleanliness and preventive measures in preserving and promoting good health.

Example sentences containing hygienic

1. Regular handwashing is a hygienic habit to prevent illness.
2. The hospital maintains strict hygienic standards to ensure patient safety.
3. Hygienic food handling is essential to avoid foodborne illnesses.
4. Proper disposal of waste is a hygienic practice in our community.
5. Hygienic practices include cleaning and sanitizing kitchen surfaces.
6. Dentists emphasize the importance of hygienic oral care routines.

History and etymology of hygienic

The adjective 'hygienic' has its origins in the Greek word 'hygieinos,' which is derived from 'hygieia,' the name of the Greek goddess of health and cleanliness. The term 'hygieia' was associated with maintaining good health and preventing disease, making it a fitting source for the word 'hygienic.' Over time, 'hygieia' and its related forms evolved into the modern concept of hygiene, which encompasses practices and conditions aimed at preserving health and cleanliness. Therefore, when we describe something as 'hygienic,' we are invoking its historical connection to the Greek goddess of health, emphasizing its role in promoting cleanliness, well-being, and the prevention of disease.

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Further usage examples of hygienic

1. Disposable gloves are used for hygienic food preparation.
2. Public restrooms should be kept clean and hygienic at all times.
3. Hygienic face masks are worn to reduce the spread of germs.
4. Hygienic conditions in food processing plants are closely monitored.
5. A hygienic environment is crucial for a healthy workplace.
6. Hygienic grooming habits contribute to personal well-being.
7. Hospital staff follow strict hygienic protocols to prevent infections.
8. Hygienic packaging ensures the safety of perishable goods.
9. Hygienic bedding and linens are essential for a good night's sleep.
10. Hygienic practices in food storage prevent contamination.
11. Restaurants are inspected for compliance with hygienic standards.
12. Hygienic practices can significantly reduce the risk of disease.
13. Maintaining hygienic conditions in schools is vital for student health.
14. Hygienic practices are promoted to combat the spread of viruses.
15. The restaurant maintains hygienic standards by regularly sanitizing food preparation surfaces.
16. It is crucial to wash hands frequently to ensure hygienic conditions and prevent the spread of germs.
17. She always keeps her kitchen clean and hygienic to avoid foodborne illnesses.
18. The hygienic practices in the manufacturing facility ensure the safety of the products.
19. The dentist's office takes pride in its hygienic environment and sterilized equipment.
20. The gym provides hygienic wipes for users to clean the equipment after use.
21. The hygienic packaging of the product ensures its freshness and cleanliness.
22. The hygienic restroom facilities in the shopping mall are well-maintained and spotless.
23. The hotel has a hygienic swimming pool that undergoes regular water treatment and cleaning.
24. The school emphasizes the importance of hygienic habits, such as covering coughs and sneezes.
25. The hygienic practices in the beauty salon prioritize the cleanliness of tools and equipment.



sanitary, unclean, dirty, unsanitary


Utility and Advancement, Aid and Assistance, Help and Support, Health and Hygiene

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