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dreamer, realist, pragmatist, cynic


Suffix -ist, ACT 3 (American College Testing), Aspiration and Ambition, Beliefs and Principles



How to pronounce idealist (audio)


Dictionary definition of idealist

A person who holds a strong belief in the power of ideals and strives to embody them in their thoughts, actions, and aspirations.
"The idealist's speeches were filled with hope and encouragement."

Detailed meaning of idealist

This noun describes an individual who maintains an optimistic and often visionary perspective, seeking to create a world that aligns with their idealistic principles and values. Idealists tend to have a deep sense of purpose and are driven by a desire to bring about positive change, whether it be in social, political, or personal realms. They often envision a better future and work diligently to translate their ideals into tangible outcomes, advocating for justice, equality, and harmony. Despite the challenges and setbacks they may encounter, idealists remain steadfast in their pursuit of their convictions, inspiring others to join them in their quest for a more ideal world.

Example sentences containing idealist

1. The idealist envisioned a society where compassion and understanding were the guiding principles.
2. As an idealist, she believed that every person had the potential to make a positive impact.
3. The idealist's unwavering optimism inspired those around them to strive for greatness.
4. Despite the obstacles, the idealist remained dedicated to their vision of a more just world.
5. The idealist's dream was to create an education system that nurtured creativity and critical thinking.
6. The idealist refused to compromise their principles for personal gain.

History and etymology of idealist

The noun 'idealist' is rooted in the word 'ideal,' which has its origins in Late Latin 'idealis' and can be traced further back to the Latin term 'idea,' signifying a mental image or concept, borrowed from the Greek 'idein,' meaning 'to see' or 'to perceive.' An idealist is a person who strongly believes in the power of these mental concepts or ideals and endeavors to embody them in their thoughts, actions, and aspirations. Therefore, the etymology of 'idealist' reflects the individual's commitment to striving for perfection or adhering to higher principles, drawing upon the historical connection to abstract mental ideals and their pursuit in the real world.

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Further usage examples of idealist

1. Many great leaders throughout history were driven by their idealist beliefs.
2. The idealist's enthusiasm for environmental conservation was contagious.
3. The idealist saw beauty in the smallest acts of kindness.
4. People often dismissed the idealist's ideas as unrealistic, but they never lost faith.
5. The idealist worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between different communities.
6. The idealist's passion for equality ignited a movement for social change.
7. Despite facing opposition, the idealist's determination never wavered.
8. The idealist's love for art and creativity shaped their worldview.
9. The idealist firmly believed that love could conquer hate.
10. The idealist encouraged others to dream big and pursue their passions.
11. The idealist's optimism brought a ray of light to even the darkest situations.
12. The idealist's vision for a better future inspired others to join the cause.
13. The idealist's unwavering faith in humanity kept them going during difficult times.
14. The idealist dreams of a world filled with peace and harmony.
15. As an idealist, she's committed to making positive change.
16. The idealist's vision inspired others to work for justice.
17. The young idealist believes in the potential for greatness.
18. He's often seen as an idealist for his utopian ideas.
19. Idealists like her work tirelessly for a better future.
20. The idealist's speeches inspired hope in uncertain times.
21. The idealist's optimism is a beacon in challenging situations.
22. Idealists often face criticism for their lofty aspirations.
23. The world needs more idealists to lead with compassion.
24. The idealist's passion fuels their quest for a better world.

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