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How to pronounce identify (audio)


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Dictionary definition of identify

To recognize, establish, or determine the identity of someone or something.
"The witness was able to identify the suspect in a lineup."


Detailed meaning of identify

It involves the process of linking a person, object, or characteristic to a specific name, category, or group. When we identify something, we assign it a label or attribute based on its distinct features, qualities, or traits. This can be done through visual, auditory, or other sensory cues, as well as through analysis, comparison, or classification. Identification also involves establishing a connection or association with a particular individual or group, such as identifying oneself with a specific culture, profession, or belief system. Moreover, identification can involve empathizing or relating to someone else's experiences, emotions, or perspectives. Overall, the verb "identify" encompasses the recognition, labeling, or linking of someone or something to a specific identity, whether it be personal, categorial, or relational.

Example sentences containing identify

1. The detective carefully examined the evidence to identify the perpetrator.
2. She struggled to identify the unfamiliar plant species in the botanical garden.
3. The teacher used name tags to help students identify each other on the first day of school.
4. He could easily identify his favorite song from the first few notes.
5. The security guard checked IDs to identify authorized personnel.
6. The forensic scientist used DNA analysis to identify the victim.

History and etymology of identify

The verb 'identify' has its roots in the Latin word 'identificare,' which is a combination of 'idem' meaning 'the same,' and 'facere' meaning 'to make' or 'to do.' Therefore, 'identificare' literally means 'to make the same' or 'to establish the sameness.' This concept of establishing sameness or recognizing the true nature of someone or something has carried forward into the modern usage of the word 'identify.' When we identify someone or something, we are essentially recognizing and establishing their true identity or nature. The etymology of 'identify' reflects its fundamental purpose in recognizing and determining the sameness or true character of a person or object, making it a central concept in various aspects of human communication and understanding.

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Further usage examples of identify

1. The software utilizes facial recognition technology to identify individuals in photographs.
2. The doctor conducted tests to identify the cause of the patient's symptoms.
3. The expert was able to identify the artist of the painting based on the brushstroke technique.
4. They organized a workshop to help people identify and address their personal strengths.
5. The survey aimed to identify consumer preferences and buying habits.
6. Can you identify the suspect from the police lineup?
7. Scientists aim to identify the cause of the disease.
8. It's crucial to identify the source of the leak.
9. I can easily identify her by her distinctive laugh.
10. Let's work together to identify a solution.
11. We need to identify the key players in this project.
12. It can be challenging to identify the right path in life.
13. He could not identify the mysterious object in the sky.
14. We must identify the weaknesses in our security.
15. The detective tried to identify the murder weapon.
16. She was able to identify the rare bird species.
17. We need to identify the missing pieces of the puzzle.
18. Can you help me identify this unknown plant?
19. It's essential to identify potential risks beforehand.
20. The team will identify the best strategy for success.
21. Parents often struggle to identify with their teenagers.
22. We should identify the underlying causes of the issue.
23. The app can quickly identify songs based on a snippet.
24. Let's identify the main points of the argument.
25. I'll try to identify the reason behind his behavior.



recognize, misidentify, confuse, mistake


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