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mimicry, original, genuine, authentic


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How to pronounce imitation (audio)


Dictionary definition of imitation

The act or process of copying, mimicking, or emulating something or someone.
"The actor's imitation of the famous singer's voice was remarkably accurate."

Detailed meaning of imitation

It involves replicating the appearance, behavior, or qualities of a person, object, or action with the intention of resembling or imitating it. Imitation can be observed in various aspects of life, such as art, fashion, language, and behavior. In art, imitation may involve replicating the style or technique of a renowned artist. In fashion, imitation refers to creating designs inspired by or resembling those of popular brands or designers. In language, imitation can be seen in the adoption of accents, dialects, or speech patterns to mimic others. Furthermore, imitation can also pertain to behavior, where individuals emulate the actions or gestures of others in an attempt to imitate their success or achieve similar outcomes. While imitation often involves a degree of admiration or homage, it can also be seen as a means of learning, practicing, or incorporating established patterns or trends into one's own repertoire.

Example sentences containing imitation

1. The child's imitation of their favorite superhero's moves brought smiles and laughter to everyone.
2. The painting was a skillful imitation of the renowned artist's style, showcasing the artist's talent.
3. The fashion industry thrives on affordable imitations of high-end designer brands.
4. The comedian's imitation of political figures provided a humorous and satirical commentary on current events.
5. The musician's imitation of the legendary guitarist's solos impressed the audience during the concert.
6. The restaurant's imitation of traditional cuisine from another country lacked the authentic flavors and ingredients.

History and etymology of imitation

The noun 'imitation' is derived from the Latin word 'imitatio,' which comes from 'imitari,' meaning 'to copy' or 'to mimic.' In ancient Rome, 'imitatio' was used to describe the act or process of copying or emulating something or someone. Over time, this term was incorporated into English as 'imitation,' preserving its original meaning. Therefore, when we speak of 'imitation,' we are invoking its Latin origins, emphasizing the concept of copying, mimicking, or emulating a particular model or example. The etymology of 'imitation' highlights its role in human behavior, art, and culture as a means of learning, creativity, and the transmission of knowledge and traditions.

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Further usage examples of imitation

1. The student's imitation of the teacher's teaching methods helped them better understand the subject.
2. The talented mimic's imitation of famous actors entertained the audience at the comedy show.
3. The sculpture was an exquisite imitation of a famous ancient artifact, capturing its intricate details flawlessly.
4. The company faced legal consequences for producing cheap imitations of copyrighted products.
5. The artist's imitation of nature in their landscape painting showcased their attention to detail and artistic skill.
6. Her imitation of the famous singer's voice was uncanny.
7. The art of imitation requires keen observation.
8. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say.
9. His imitation of the movie character was spot on.
10. The imitation of ancient rituals is a cultural tradition.
11. The chef's imitation of the recipe resulted in a delicious dish.
12. She mastered the art of imitation through practice.
13. Imitation is a valuable learning tool in art.
14. The imitation of classic literature often leads to innovation.
15. The comedian's imitation of the politician was hilarious.
16. Imitation can sometimes stifle creativity.
17. The designer's imitation of nature inspired her collection.
18. His imitation of a detective solved the mystery.
19. Imitation products flooded the market.
20. The imitation of his mentor's teaching style was evident.
21. Imitation can help you understand the original better.
22. The imitation of vintage fashion is trendy these days.
23. Their imitation of teamwork set a positive example.
24. The child's imitation of their parent's behavior was adorable.
25. Imitation in the animal kingdom serves survival purposes.

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