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pierce, remove, withdraw, disengage


Prefix im-, Damage and Destruction, Repugnance and Revulsion, Hostility and Brutality, Violence and Aggression



How to pronounce impale (audio)


Dictionary definition of impale

To pierce or thrust a pointed object through something or someone, usually with great force.
"The knight lifted his lance, ready to impale the charging beast."

Detailed meaning of impale

It is often used to describe the act of stabbing or spearing with a sharp instrument, such as a sword, spear, or stake. The resulting wound or injury can be severe and potentially fatal, depending on the location and depth of the impalement. Historically, impaling was used as a form of capital punishment, and it has also been used as a form of torture. In modern times, impaling is considered a violent and brutal act and is typically associated with horror or gore. Overall, 'impale' describes an action that involves forcibly piercing or penetrating something or someone with a pointed object.

Example sentences containing impale

1. I watched in awe as the athlete attempted to impale the target with his javelin.
2. Carefully, he positioned the marshmallow on the stick, ready to impale it into the glowing embers.
3. Don't run with that pencil; you could accidentally impale someone with it!
4. When preparing the kebabs, be sure to impale the meat evenly onto the skewers.
5. Even the smallest insect could impale itself on the cactus's sharp spines.
6. She decided to impale the letter on a spike for easy access later.

History and etymology of impale

The verb 'impale' finds its etymological roots in the Old French word 'empaler,' which means 'to pierce with a stake' or 'to put on a stake.' This Old French term, in turn, can be traced back to the Latin word 'in' (in) and 'palus' (a stake or pole). The idea behind 'impale' is to pierce or thrust a pointed object through something or someone, often with great force, much like one would do by placing an object on a stake. This gruesome action has historically been used for various purposes, including execution and displaying defeated enemies. Therefore, the etymology of 'impale' vividly reflects its association with the forceful and piercing act of thrusting a pointed object through something or someone, often with lethal intent.

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Further usage examples of impale

1. Before you can cook the chicken, you must impale it onto the spit.
2. Hunters of old would impale their catch on a stake, as a display of their prowess.
3. The magician appeared to impale his hand with a needle, but it was merely an illusion.
4. Be careful when you play darts; an errant throw could impale an unsuspecting bystander.
5. You can impale a garlic clove on a toothpick to infuse your cocktail with a savory note.
6. The blacksmith demonstrated how to impale the hot metal with a chisel to create decorative patterns.
7. Children at the beach often impale sandcastles with flags to claim their creations.
8. The vampire hunter readied his wooden stake, poised to impale the creature of the night.
9. The sculptor decided to impale the clay figure on a wire to hold it steady.
10. Before planting, it's easier to impale the ground with a trowel to create a hole for the seed.
11. The gardener used a long pole to impale the apples high up on the tree.
12. You need to impale the cloth with a needle to sew the button on securely.
13. The pirate threatened to impale the map on his sword if his crew didn't comply.
14. With a swift move, he'll impale the apple on a spike.
15. She aims to impale each paper onto the board swiftly.
16. Can one impale a heart, inflicting a love so deep?
17. Knights practice to impale foes with their sharp lances.
18. Wizards impale scrolls on walls using enchanted quills.
19. In a duel, a skilled fencer will impale his adversary.
20. At the circus, artists impale cards with thrown knives.
21. During the festival, kids impale balloons with darts.
22. You must impale the fish with a spear to catch them.
23. To secure the tent, impale the ground with sturdy stakes.
24. Ghost stories tell of spirits that impale trespassers.

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