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irreverent, pious, devout, reverent


Prefix im-, SAT 19 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Conduct and Character, Sacred and Profane



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Dictionary definition of impious

Showing a lack of reverence, respect, or disregard towards religious or sacred matters.
"Her impious jokes about sacred texts were in very poor taste."

Detailed meaning of impious

It describes actions, beliefs, or expressions that are considered disrespectful, irreverent, or contrary to religious principles or beliefs. Impious behavior can range from openly mocking or defying religious traditions to simply neglecting or disregarding religious practices and obligations. It suggests a lack of piety, devotion, or proper reverence towards a particular religion or religious beliefs. Impious individuals or actions are often seen as going against the norms and values established by a religious community. The term "impious" carries a negative connotation and is typically used to describe behavior that is deemed disrespectful or sacrilegious within the context of religious observance.

Example sentences containing impious

1. The impious thief showed no remorse as he stole from the church.
2. His impious remarks during the prayer service made everyone uncomfortable.
3. The villagers were shocked by the impious behavior of the town's previously respected elder.
4. The impious actions of the rulers eventually led to a rebellion among the devout population.
5. He found the graffiti on the walls of the temple highly impious and disrespectful.
6. The young man's impious lifestyle was a cause of concern for his religious family.

History and etymology of impious

The adjective 'impious' traces its origins to the Latin word 'impius,' which is a combination of 'in' (meaning 'not') and 'pius' (meaning 'pious' or 'devout'). In Latin, 'impius' described someone who was not devout or who showed a lack of reverence and respect, particularly in matters related to religion or the sacred. Over time, as the word 'impious' transitioned into English, it retained its fundamental meaning of showing a lack of reverence, respect, or disregard towards religious or sacred matters. The etymology of 'impious' underscores its connection to issues of religious devotion and the absence of proper respect, emphasizing its role in describing behaviors, beliefs, or attitudes that go against established religious norms or principles.

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Further usage examples of impious

1. They protested against the impious depiction of deities in the controversial painting.
2. Her novel was criticized for its impious portrayal of religious figures.
3. The community shunned him due to his impious disregard for their traditions.
4. The impious lyrics in the song were met with widespread criticism.
5. His impious attitude was in stark contrast to the piety of his ancestors.
6. The priest refused to bless the impious book that mocked spiritual beliefs.
7. Her impious whispers during the sacred ceremony were disheartening to those who overheard.
8. The impious characters in the play represented the corruption and decadence of society.
9. The king’s impious edict was seen as a direct attack on the people’s faith.
10. His impious decision to sell religious artifacts was met with outrage.
11. The wise elder warned that impious actions can lead to societal decay.
12. The saint tried to reform the impious youth, but his efforts were in vain.
13. The impious comments made on social media stirred up a storm of responses from the faithful.
14. His impious comments about the church offended many devout worshippers.
15. The impious act of vandalizing the temple shocked the community.
16. Her impious behavior during the religious ceremony was disgraceful.
17. The impious ruler showed no regard for the sacred traditions.
18. His impious attitude towards prayer was evident in his mockery.
19. The impious desecration of the holy site led to outrage.
20. The impious remarks about the prophet were met with condemnation.
21. They regarded his impious beliefs as a threat to their faith.
22. Her impious disregard for religious customs caused controversy.
23. The impious act of burning sacred texts deeply upset the faithful.
24. In a society that values piety, his impious actions were highly criticized.

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